Sunday, October 29, 2006

2006 Texas A&M-Baylor football game highlights from

Video highlights for the 2006 Baylor game from Texas A&M won the game 31-21 in Waco.
Check out the speed of Mike Goodson. Damn that boy is fast. Earlier in the year, I told you he's getting close to breaking one. There it is. He puts the nail in the Baylor Coffin. Telocity, or Money Bennett, or whatever you want to call him, had a breakout game. He also had a long run for a touchdown after a short catch.

Here's a little something I shamelessly stole from TexAgs Rivalries forum poster txsportsagent.

I have a message for our beloved baptists in Waco. I would appreciate it if someone who goes to their site would link up and send them a message for me.

I want to tell them that I admire them. I admire the fact that they are better fans than we are. I admire them because they've been through so much these past years.

Chuck Reedy, Dave Roberts, Kevin Steele and now Guy Morriss.

Why can't we get better coaches here, they ask? Why can't we get better recruits here? We pray, we pay, we cheer, we wear green, we travel back to Waco now and then, we fly our little flags with our little foam fingers. We care. We want to win.

I want them to read this while the lingering defeat still stings in their loins. I have the answer to these questions. You can read my response and then go have a better life with the satisfaction of having this knowledge.

The reason you can't have better coaches and better recruits is simple.

You're Baylor.

You're not the Aggies or the Whorns. You're not even close. You can't even compete with Tard. TCU? Forget it. I know you're all passionate.

But you're Baylor.

I know you think I'm just running smack, but really I'm not.

You're Baylor.

Say it.

I'm Baylor.

I'm Baylor.

You're getting it.

I'm Baylor. I beat A&M one year out of 20+. Not much better against the other Texas schools. I'm not going to get any better. Really. I'm not. I'm Baylor.

I'm that kid that nobody picked to be on their team. But at that Fall Festival that year, I paid my $10 and dunked the captain of the football team in that dunking booth when he laughed at me for throwing like a girl. And it felt good.

I'm Baylor.

I got voted Most Likely to Succeed from the brass section of the band, and I made them proud by being accepted into a school lower ranked than the other Texas schools. But I paid more than the other kids did.

I'm Baylor.

I went to school in the worst city in this great state. They had to put a school here because otherwise, we'd all have to be Temple College fans.

I'm Baylor.

Notice how I didn't mention Koresh or people who died in your city. You shouldn't mention people who died in my bonfire. Ever again. Because these people are our brothers and sisters, and our pain for them is real.

But you won't do that anymore because now you know who you are.

You're not getting any better.

You'll never be worth mentioning on ESPN except when you take your annual asskicking by your fellow Texas schools you piggybacked into this great conference (our most sincere apologies to TCU).

You're Baylor.

And you'll be watching your daddies during the bowl season.

Decorate your trees and trim them with the green and gold. Spend Christmas with nighttime dreams of candy canes, Jolly St. Nick and an upset at Kyle or against Texas next year.

And then wake up. Take a whizz. Comb your hair. Kiss your kids.

And then remember what I told you.

You're Baylor.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Scrubs has a Return Date!!!

"Let me go ahead and share alittle something special with you that I like to call Perry's perspective: One, if someone is standing in front of me in line at the coffee shop and can't decide what they want in the half hour it took to get to the register then I should be allowed to kill them; Two, I am fairly sure that if they took porn off the internet, there would only be one website left and it would be called bring back the porn; Three, and most importantly of all, the only way to be respected as a doctor and a man is to be an island, you are born alone, you damn sure die alone. Isn't that right Spike? The point is, and you might want to jot this down, only the weak need help"

Ha! As usual, there's a You Tube video of this rant. Here's the link until I can embed.

"But Thomas, why the random Scrubs Post? "

Futon Critic

Scrubs returns to NBC on November 30. That's a Thursday!
NBC is bringing back the 2 hour comedy block going with My Name is Earl, The Office, Scrubs and 30 Rock. Pretty solid comedy block if you ask me.

Stripper Face Plant

The title says it all. I'll embed the video when I get home. Until then, click the link.

The Writing on the Stall

The Writing on the Stall

I know I do this. When I go to a public restroom, and it doesn't matter if I stand or sit. I always end up reading what people have written. Sometimes, I stay longer than necessary just to read it all. Most of the time, the writing isn't very good. You get the usual "Call this number for a good time". "You mom...blah blah blah." " F You, suck this"...whatever. Occasionally, you get some gems that make you laugh.

  • Those who write on bathroom walls
    Roll their sheit in little balls
    Those who read these words of wit
    Eath those little balls of chit.
  • Why are you staring at the wall.... the joke is in your hand
If you need some laughs, take a few minutes and read through the site.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

24 Season 6 Trailer!!!!


Suicide terrorist attacks in American cities, similar to how they do it in the Middle East? Wayne Palmer as President? Jack having to sacrifice himself in order to stop the attacks? Yea right! Don't see that happening.

I can't fucking wait! January can't come soon enough.

Live Camera at African Water Hole

Here's the link. Make sure you have your sound up.

Here's a little info from the website in regards to the location of the camera.

Nkorho Pan is a natural water hole in the prestigious Sabi Sands Private Game
Reserve, in South Africa. Nkorho pan is named after Nkorho bush Lodge which gets it name from the
Shangaan derivative for the call of the yellow-billed hornbill, a common and
unusual looking bird from this area.

Pretty cool. I've got jungle sounds in my office right now. As soon as I hear anything else, I'll tab back over to it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Here, I just saved you from having to go buy Allure.

Sex as described by Eric Cartman

(click the link until I can get home and embed)

Listening to A&M Games on the Radio = NOT FUN

As commented by Dave South:

  • "There's the snap thie kick is up...........AND IT'S BLOCKED!!!!! AGGIES WIN!!!!!"

Above, Red Bryant blocks the extra point in overtime to give the Aggies the win, 34-33 in OT.

Here's a highlight reel of the game. (I'll embed the link from Yout Tube later). See the clip and note the 1 handed catch by the JTRAIN. That's a huge play on 4th and 19, in the 4th quarter, with less than 3 minutes left. We don't get that 1st down, the game is essentially over.

Here's a few more You Tube videos:

The Legion of Doom CEO, Martellus Bennett scores a TD, his first of the year.

JTRAIN breaking through for 1 TD.

Here's the game tying touchdown, with :03 left in the game.

Now I know I'm not the only person complaining about Dave South, our play by play announcer for all Texas A&M games. The man, while his suppored is appreciated, has to go. Seriously. He has no idea what's going on. Here are some common quotes heard during his broadcast.

  • "INT by Gorrer.....touchback will give the Aggies the ball at the 30." (The 30?!?!?)
  • "McGee play action, Goodson caught for a 4 yard loss." (I guess everytime it's a option where we don't give it to the dive man, it's a playaction?)
  • "Aggies snap the ball at the 15, line of scrimmage is the 10."
  • "and he's a half yard short of 2nd down."
  • "He's at the 50..45..40..35..30.25..20.15..10..5..Touchback..Touchdown."

That's just a sample of the goodness that is Dave South. I swear I had a heart attack each time we would kick an extra point.

  • "Here's the snap. The hold. The kick is up, and it is ...(wait for it)...(keep waiting for it)....(seriously, keep waiting)...... good."

There is no need to drag it out like that. None. Check out Texags for the past few days, and you'll see I'm not alone. We all love his enthusiasm for the Ags, but Good Lord, help us out some will ya?

Anyway, Baylor is up this week, and I'm really going to try and make the this game. It seems Baylor is taking it's cue from the tcehtards in terms of class. This is one of the posts from Baylorfans. Un-be-fucking-lievable:

Originally Posted by seth99992 things:

--throwing a bunch of numbers at me won't
make anyone more right

----and if an aggie is anywhere on this thread arguing
that their backs are somehow better than cornish, then that's just downight
stupid.....their backs are probably a little better than our backs (and not by
much) but to say they are better than cornish. there's a reason a&m is full
of dumbasses. or maybe there is no reason.

I don't think that school realizes how much people actually hate them. I mean, if i was in the military and we were in Iraq or somewhere, I'd probably open up friendly fire on an aggie in the trenches, because i'm sure he'd be doing something stupid to deserve being shot.

God I hope we come out and just run all overthem. I've never really hated Baylor, hell I barely give them a second thought. Shit like that post, does piss me off.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Interview With the Producers of LOST

Here's the transcript of the ABC Nightline interview with LOST producers, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. Creator J.J. Abrams is also in the interview. It's a great read and I highly recommend it.

Also, if you want more information on LOST, check out the podcast that the producers Carlton and Damon put out each week. The podcast is usally released pretty quickly after the episode airs. It's an entertaing 30 minutes, where the producers have fun with the viewers (or should I say listeners)are a bit sarcastic but they are also pretty informative and help clear up some confusion that may have occured in the episde. They don't give away any spoilers though.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The FIU vs Miami Brawl

As briefly mentioned in yesterday's post, here's the video of the brawl.
(I'll embed the video when I get home. For some reason I can't copy the embed link in Explorer)
Edit: There we go

Lamar Thomas is a former Miami reciever and is currently a color analyst. When I say currently, I'm talking about at the time of the game. Based on his comments, starting about halfway through the video, he's a former color analyst. Pretty funny actually. He talks pretty big.

The bench-clearing brawl resulted in 31 suspensions between the two schools.

The result of the brawl?
  • Thomas is fired.
  • Coker is safe for now. (I personally expect changes at the end of the season)
  • 12 Miami players suspended for 1 game.
  • Sophomore safety Anthony Reddick (Miami) was suspended indefinitely (He's the one you see swinging his helmet)
  • The ACC and Miami (4-2) suspended Reddick, Carlos Armour, Chris Barney, James Bryant, Tyrone Byrd, DajLeon Farr, Ryan Hill, Bruce Johnson, Charlie Jones, Brandon Meriweather, Brian Monroe, Derrick Morse and Randy Phillips.
  • Chris Smith and Marshall McDuffie Jr., (FIU) dismissed, but remain on scholarship.
  • 16 FIU players placed on probation indefinetly.
  • Sun Belt Conference and FIU (0-7) suspended Michael Alls, Scott Bryant, Roland Clark, Michael Dominquez, John Ellis, Cory Fleming, Reginald Jones, Robert Mitchell, Quintin Newman, Luis Pena, Jarvis Penerton, Julian Reams, Lionell Singleton, Samuel Smith, Mannie Wellington and Chandler Williams.

How To Mess With Telemarketers

I'll definetly have to keep that one handy!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Lazy Sunday = Movies

Rained all day Sunday. What do you do on rainy days? You either sleep in all day (did that) and watch movies (did that too).

Started the day with Red Eye. A Wes Craven movie featuring Rachel McAdams (yummy) and Cillian Murphy (damn he looks E-vil). Decent movie, nothing great though. Not real scary or anything, like I would expect out of Wes Craven. Murphy was pretty creepy looking. He plays a good bad guy. (I also liked him in Batman Begins).

The second movie in my double header was The Chronicles of Narnia :The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I've been wanting to watch this one forever, and I finally got to it. After numerous recordings and deletings to make room on my DVR, I finally had the space on the hard drive and the time to watch it. I would of bought the dvd blind, but I never saw it dip below 30 bucks.

Anyway, I really thought this was a well done movie. It was a bit long in time, but you know what, I would of watched a longer version. I really enjoyed it and am glad to hear it did well at the box office. That means they are making more movies out of the Narnia series. I did think the movie, while long, spent too much time getting into Narnia. Once they were in Narnia, the movie felt too short. I understand that they had to set up the movie, and in essence, the series. Still, a minor complaint.

I liked that they basically had no name actors in it (or at least one's I didn't recognize) other than the Witch, and even then it wasn't who I thought it was. I think that's a good idea that you're not pointing out actors in movies, it takes away from the movie.

Also, I thought Aslan looked Fantastic. They did an outstanding job on him. I'm not sure who did the digital work, but it was a quality job, which leads me to believe it was Wingnut. I probably won't buy this one on DVD unless I see it cheap, but I'll probably pick it up when I make the jump to HD-DVD or Blu Ray.

Stephen F'in McGee, The JTRAIN, and Mike Goodies

I had to work on Saturday, so starting about 2:30, I stopped checking TexAgs and any other college football site in order to avoid being spoiled. I had the game on my DVR. From 2:30 to about 7, when I finally got home, I had to find other websites to spend the time. I almost screwed up once. I went to the website about 6, by habit, and luckily I moved on before reading anything on the site. I made it hope blissfully ignorant of any happenings.

Now this was a way to start the game. Well sort of. This play (2nd of the game) could of been a disaster, but the hustle play of Jordan Peterson (Freshman by the way) saved the day. It was a heads up play by him and I think this may be the play of the year. The kid will be a good one. Scratch that, he's going to be a great one. Mizzou scores on this, the game goes their way. As it is, I think this set the tempo for us.

This basically put the game away for us.

Obviously a photoshop (although he did complete a 12 yd pass to himself this game), but many Aggie faithful feel the same way. If we can eat the clock like we did this past weekend, and give them a healthy dose of the JTRAIN, we've got a good chance to win every single ball game. We could also just as easily lose every game. We were 26 seconds away from being 7-0. We're also about 2 minutes away from being 4-3. It can go either way just as easily, but now I feel pretty confident with #7 leading us. He's a gamer, and he's learning how to win. The future looks bright with reshirt sophomore McGee leading the way.

Tech got beat down by CU, which makes our loss to them even more frustrating. They've lost 2 in a row since their "Superbowl" win against us. Andrian Peterson is gone for the year with a broken collar bone. That gives us an even better chance against ou. The cubbiesput up 31 on the whorns, which begs the question: Is the tu defense that suspect, or is bu actually that good?

Oh, and I saw the highlights of the brawl between Miami and FIU. I think Coker has completely lost that team and he needs to suspend a whole lot of people on tha tteam. That was disgraceful.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Goodbye Marissa Miller. Hello Cobie Smulders.

One last time....say goodbye.

Seriously now, you have to go.

I said, "Good Day!"

Yesterday at the State Fair...

I think I lost a year of my life. Hell, if I only lost a year of my life, I'd consider myself lucky. I'm serious. People shouldn't be allowed to do what we did. I'm still feeling the affects of it this morning at work (yes I'm at work on Saturday).
Let's see, what did I consume:

  • 4 Fina Station (on Industrial) Al Pastor Tacos
  • 1 Jalapenio and Cheese Corny Dog
  • 1 Beer
  • 1 Beer (C)
  • Fried Oreos (C)
  • Fried Pralines (which are excellent, by the way)(C)
  • 1 Corn on the Cob
  • 1 Funnel Cake (C)
  • 1 Fresh Twisted Pretzel (C)
  • 1 Water Bottle
  • 1 Spiral Chips (C)
  • 1 Turkey Leg (the best and biggest leg I've ever seen)(C)
  • Fried Coke (C)
  • Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly with Banana (C)

"But Thomas, what's with all the community food?". It's the only way we could try everything we wanted to. Way to much food as it was.
We finished the day off at the Ferris Wheel. The people I was with, had never ridden one, so we went. We had just enough tickets too.
Later on, I might be able to add some pictures. Depends if they get put up on facebook by the person that took them. (Like how I was ambigous on that one, huh?)

So after a few hours of digesting on the couch, we (there was 4 of us going) finish the day off the only way we know how.


  • 50 Daytona Wings
  • 20 Buffalo Shrimp
  • 1 order Carrott Sticks
  • 1 order Celery Sticks
  • 2 Orders of Fries
  • 2 Pitchers of Beer.

Bleh. I couldn't eat breakfast the next morning. It wasn't until well passed lunch time the next day that I was hungry. Of course, I had to top it off right.

Regular on Cayenne

  • Rice
  • Monterray Cheese
  • Steak
  • Grilled Veggies
  • Roasted Garlic
  • Lime Juice and Hot Sauce
  • Pico
  • Tomatoes
  • Cilantro
  • Lettuce
  • Cheese

Whew baby that was good. Satisfaction.

I ask that you pray for me that I get into heaven, despite the gluttony.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Grindhouse Trailer is Up

This is the new movie from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. I believe it's due out early next year. Here's a one word review of the trailer.


Monday, October 09, 2006

How Many Of Me?

Guess I'm not soo unique. :(
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

975 people with my full name? Well actually, I guess it's just my first and last name. Wonder what the stats would be if I included my middle name. Bah! I'm sure this thing is pinpoint accurate right? They also don't tell you how many of those are as stunning as I am.

Finished Saint's Row

Really fun game, and I still have some activities to complete, but the storyline is complete. The ending is a little weak, but they've left it open for a sequel. I won't spoil the ending, but it's out there if you want to look for it, or even ask me about it.

This game had some top notch voice talent at work. Lots of names you would recognize. It was a GTA clone, nobody will argue that, but it did improve on many of the problems that plagued GTA. The best addition was probably the waypoint system on the compass that helped guide you on where you needed to go. Very similar to the way navagation works in cars. Other additions include the ability customize your character. It's nuts how many options they give you. Mine looked like a cross between me and Turtle from Entourage. You could also pimp out any ride in the game, far more than you could in GTA. The shooting controls, were also vastly improved from Rockstar's games.

The side missions were very fun, ranging from racing, to stealing cars for a chop shop, to stealing hoes from pimps (called Snatch...get it, the double entedre...yea you got it) to my favorite, driving hoes around while they're in the back with a customer. Some of the funniest dialogue came from those missions. The issurance fraud (where you throw yourself in front of cars) missions were hilarious. Seeing my body bounce around in the air, Meet Joe Black style, always made me laugh.

The game was a bit buggy, hell I couldn't do the last few missions cause I had too many cars in my garage (yea, I don't get that corollary either). I also found numerous clipping issues, and a few times, I got stuck under the road after I was thrown from my car. Another time, my car got stuck in the road, similar to what a javelin looks like sticking out of the grass. Very weird.

I'll probably be there for the sequel when it's released. I had too much fun playing this not to. I mean, how can you not love a came that has a fast food restaurant named "Freckle Bitches".

Now I really should go back and finish San Andreas. I'm pretty sure I'm close to the end. It's a shame I didn't really see how the story played out.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

F'in Crybaby

I've been pisse off when my team loses, but I haven't cried. Grow up little boy. Don't get emotionally invested in things you can't control.

Here's the announcers of the game making fun of him.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Even Sponge Bob Hates Texas

This is pretty funny.

Hey Patrick, what am I?

I dunno, stupid?

No, I'm Texas!

What's the difference?!?!


*As I disclaimer, I take this as another jab at the 'horns, not the actual state. I love the state I live in. Just a part of the Red River Shootout.

Uteri or Paperclips?


Personally, I hope the Earth swallows both teams up. If I had to choose, I would go with the paperclips, mainly cause I think we can beat them at Kyle in November. That would put us going to Austin with 1 loss each to decide the South.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

6 New Episodes Start Tonight

If you don't know what show I'm talking about, then maybe these pictures will help jog your memory.

That do anything for ya? ABC at 8:00 PM (pad the TIVO, it runs to like (9:02). Apparently alot of answers are revealed tonight. Some reviews say it's the best episode yet. I'm excited. Sadly, I'll have to tape my guilty pleasure which is now airing on at the same time.

Ok, one more, just 'cause she's soo damn cute.

Monday, October 02, 2006

I Knew I Forgot Something... was my iPod. I f'in left it in the desk drawer at work. I'm not really mad, but I'm not sure what else I would call it. No wonder I felt so weird riding the train home tonight. I was already on the DART before I realized what was wrong. I could actually hear. The train was making loud noises. I could hear people talking (loudly I might add). It took me a second to realize that they were just being louder than normal, I had no earphones on. I could actually hear whats going on in the world, and seriously, I don't wish that upon anyone.

It's funny how when you forget your watch, you feel naked without it, and now, everything else that day feels slightly off. I felt the same way. Very strange feeling. I'm not OCD or anything. Well maybe I have a very, very, very, very, very mild case of it. I'm just a habitual person by nature. I find myself doing the same routine every morning, or taking the same seat on the train ont he way home. It's just the way I am. Things become sort of like a tradition with me. That's the way I do things. (I'll let you make your own connection to A&M). It's not that I'm afraid of change or anything. Sometimes, change is good and you need to mix things up a bit. It's just that when I find something I like, or I know works, I tend to stick with it.

Anway. I do have my shuffle that I can use as a backup, but I've got to find some other headphones because my good ones are back at work. I dunno, it's only about 90 minutes that I'll have to be without them. I can handle that, can't I?

Ok, I promise it's my last post for the day.

What The Hell Happened To Ray Liotta?

Ray Liotta 2001
Ray Liotta 2006

I know this post may seem a little random, but it's really not. I've been watching his new show on CBS "Smith" and I've been enjoying it. It's about a bunch of cons, with Liotta being the head guy who organizes the crew. Very similar to Heat. Personally, I'm a fan of Liotta. I've liked him since Goodfellas. Liked him in Unlawful Entry. He's a good bad guy. You can route (not like a highway, but like cheer for - I know, that doesn't look right) Well, last night, I finally watched the 2nd episode, and that's when I first noticed it. (Quick thanks to all the smart asses at DVD TALK).

Either he's been stung buy something, ala Martin Short in Pure Luck, or he's had some bad plastic surgery. Funny note, Burt Reynolds looked like Plastic on his guest role of My Name is Earl. He's looked like that for a long while though. Take a look. The top picture is from 2001. The picture on the bottom is from 2006. Almost looks like a different person.


Jackass 2

I saw this Friday Night, and I damn I'm glad I did. I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time. I laughed so hard, my stomach was a little sore. Yes it's that funny. Definetly worth the price of admission, late show, matinee, whatever. It's worth paying to see and it's even better if you bring some friends. Don't be afraid about seeing it in a crowded theater because I actually think it works better in a full theater. Laughter is infectious. I made me realize how much I missed the Jackass show when it was on tv. Some of the stunts they pulled on the tv show were hilarious. Lost Boys and whatever else followed soon after, just weren't the same. It's just sad that when TV gets a good idea, they quickly wear it out with imitators and copycat shows.

Here's hoping for a Jackass 3 in 3-4 years.

9 out of 12 times. 9 Out Of The Last 12 F'in Times.

That's A&M's record versus tceh. A&M has lost 9 out of the last 12 times. It's getting rediculous. This last time, victory was snatched away with 26 seconds left, the equivalent of a last second game winning shot in basketball. Actually, I think it's eerily similar to the 3 pointer that LSU hit in the NCAA Tournament to knock us out. This was a 40 yard bomb by Grahm Harrel to Robert Johnson was so improbable, you can run the same play 9 more times and not complete one of them. Seriously, this ball was perfectly placed, and an amazing catch by woods with our FRESHMAN (bolded for emphasis) cornerback Jordan Peterson all over the reciever. Seriously, it was about as best as he could of played the ball, short of turning and looking for it. I put no blame on Peterson, I still think he's got a bright future here.
I do put a little blame on Justin Warren, our SENIOR linebacker. According to our defensive coordinator, there was a max blitz on the play. If you watch this video you can see even the cornerback blitzes, but Warren just drops back into no man's land. If he blitzes, then I think we have a really good shot at either a sack, or a qb pressure, forcing him to throw early. Seriously, take a look at the video. You can see that the running back, Woods picked up the block on the cb, when the linebacker didn't show. What makes the loss even more frustrating is that we had 2 long time consuming drives to tie the game. That's basically the gameplan with a quick strike offense like tceh's. We chewed up the clock and got points. We even got the ball back and we ended up kicking a field goal to go up 27-24 with about 2 minutes left. Unfortunatley, that was too much time. There was also the slight euphoric "high" after Mark Dodge's interception. Sadly, the buzz was killed on the official review which overturned because the ball hit the ground before the catch.

The worst part of it is, that although I've started to become accustomed to losses lately, this loss pretty much ruined the rest of the college football games for me. I watched them, but this time it was with a certain numbness where I just couldn't get into them.

Now TexAgs is in overreaction mode, with people calling for the firing of our coach midseason. It's a pain to even go over there right now. Hopefully, it will clear up a little with a W at Kansas. Even that, according to some posters on the message board, will be hard to come by. Here's also a list that's been popping up alot lately in the "against" column of Coach Fran.

The following lists some of Fran's accomplishments in his four years as Head Coach at A&M.
  • 1. 20-20 overall record
  • 2. 11 losses of 20 or more points
  • 3. Lost to every Big 12 team, except for KU/KSU, at least once
  • 4. Lost to every Big 12 team, except for KU/KSU/Baylor, by at least 20 points
  • 5. Overall Big 12 record: 10-14 with an average loss by 24.
  • 6 points.6. Big 12 South record 5-10 with an average loss by 23.8 points.
  • 7. Pass defense ranked 117th in the country in 2005
  • 8. Our average loss is 22.5 points per game.
  • 9. Barrick Nealy passed for 378 yards. In the other 8 games he's averaged 165 yards passing against I-AA competition in 2005
  • 10. Paul Mosley rushed for a season high 133 yards. He's averaged 57 ypg the rest of the season in 2005
  • 11. Joel Klatt passed for more yards in one quarter than any other QB inColorado history.
  • 12. Allan Evridge threw for a career high 357 yards. He's averaged 129 ypg against the rest of the schedule.
  • 13. First WR to ever catch 4 TD passes against A&M. (Todd Blythe)
  • 14. Worst loss in A&M history. (77-0)
  • 15. Worst loss to Tech in A&M history. (56-17)
  • 16. Worst bowl loss in our history
  • 17. First loss ever to Iowa State.
  • 18. First losing season since 1982
  • 19. First loss to Baylor since 1985
  • 20. 3-12 record on the road
  • 21. Of the five football games in the 125 years of Aggie footballhistory where our defense surrendered the most points, Fran owns three of them.
  • 77 points to OU .............. FRAN
  • 59 points to TT ............... FRAN
  • 57 points to tu ................. Bellard
  • 56 points to TT ................ FRAN (tie)
  • 56 points to Ohio State ... Stallings (tie)

This is Franchione's career vs. teams that ended the season in the AP Top 25. His win over Texas Tech in 2004 is his only victory ever against a BCS conference team that ended the season ranked.

1992-1997 New Mexico 1-5

  • L #24 Fresno State 28-31
  • L #18 BYU 47-49
  • L #16 Colorado State 31-38
  • W #10 Utah 23-21
  • L #23 Texas Tech 7-34
  • L #17 Colorado State 13-41

1998-2000 TCU 1-0

  • W #13 Air Force 35-34

2001-2002 Alabama 0-6

  • L #13 South Carolina 36-37
  • L #4 Tennessee 24-35
  • L #7 LSU 21-35
  • L #5 Oklahoma 27-37
  • L #3 Georgia 25-27
  • L #14 Auburn 7-17

2003-2006 TAMU 2-12

  • W #21 Utah 28-26
  • L #19 Nebraska 12-48
  • L #3 Oklahoma 0-77
  • L #12 Texas 15-46
  • L #4 Utah 21-41
  • L #3 Oklahoma 35-42
  • W #18 Texas Tech 32-25
  • L #5 Texas 13-26
  • L #13 Tennessee 7-38
  • L #21 Clemson 24-25
  • L #20 Texas Tech 17-56
  • L #22 Oklahoma 30-36
  • L #1 Texas 29-40
  • L #25 Texas Tech 27-314-23

All-Time 1-18 vs. teams from BCS conferences

Doesn't look good for him. Baring some major upsets (where we come out on top) in the later half of this season, specifically in November, this is looking like the end for the Fran era at A&M. The question is, who can we get to replace him?

My wishlist

  • Gene Chizik - I would love to get this guy, but I'm not sure we can. Great defensive mind.
  • Butch Davis - I hear he's inline for the Arkansas job if and when they fire Houston Nutt.
  • Steve Craigthorpe - He's coached at A&M during which we had our greatest passing offense. Also, he's doing great things at Tulsa. Is he ready for the big time?
  • Tommy Tubberville - I doubt we can get him, but when we fired RC, he was rumored to be in the mix for the job. Plus, Auburn had almost shown him the door. Now, I don't think we can get him, especially after the past few seasons he's had. He's a god there now. Who knows, money talks. Maybe he's still pissed at his employers.
  • Mike Price - He's turning around UTEP, but rumor has it he doesn't have much of a defense. I would be in favor of this guy.
  • Bo Pelini - another great defensive mind. I wouldn't be mad about getting this guy.
  • Randy Shannon is the DC for the 'canes. I would love to get him as well, but I think he's the heir apparent to Larry Cocker.
  • Petrino just got a big extension from Louisville, so I would think he's out.

What we really need is the Billy Gillespie's of the football world. Who is that and where can we find him?

The Roof. The Roof. The Roof is on Fire!

No seriosly, the roof was on fire at my jobsite on Friday, causing quite the stir in Dallas. Actually, it was the roof of the stair well. Apparently, the Arkansas roofers (no I'm not kidding) may have accidently (I would put that in quotes, but then you might think I'm implying something, and I'm not...or am I?) caught some of the plywood on the walls as they were torching the overlaps in the roofing sheets. The fire produced a thick black plume of smoke when the ashalt sheet underneath caught fire. It really made it look worse than it was.

WFAA's Story

Here's some chopper video.

There were 15 fire trucks present, I believe every channel had a crew on site. Even the spanish channel (not sure which one) wanted me for an interview. I, luckily, was busy taking the statements of the roofers. There were at least 3 news choppers as well as the police helicopter, who was circling very close and banking sharply directly above the building.

That was a pretty crazy way to end the week. I didn't make it home till about 9 PM, which pretty much ruined any chance I had of heading down for the tceh game. I ended up catching Jackass 2 instead.

The sprinkler pipes in the parking garage burst due to either too much pressure on the pipe (apparently, 2 fire pump trucks tried to plug into the system at the same time) or it was shady fittings. We're not quite sure yet. They worked over the weekend to get that system back up and running. Also, some drywall will have to be replaced, as well as some fixtures that got caught in the parking garage flooding. We also had some damage to the 2nd floor cabinets that we were storing down there.