Sunday, October 29, 2006

2006 Texas A&M-Baylor football game highlights from

Video highlights for the 2006 Baylor game from Texas A&M won the game 31-21 in Waco.
Check out the speed of Mike Goodson. Damn that boy is fast. Earlier in the year, I told you he's getting close to breaking one. There it is. He puts the nail in the Baylor Coffin. Telocity, or Money Bennett, or whatever you want to call him, had a breakout game. He also had a long run for a touchdown after a short catch.

Here's a little something I shamelessly stole from TexAgs Rivalries forum poster txsportsagent.

I have a message for our beloved baptists in Waco. I would appreciate it if someone who goes to their site would link up and send them a message for me.

I want to tell them that I admire them. I admire the fact that they are better fans than we are. I admire them because they've been through so much these past years.

Chuck Reedy, Dave Roberts, Kevin Steele and now Guy Morriss.

Why can't we get better coaches here, they ask? Why can't we get better recruits here? We pray, we pay, we cheer, we wear green, we travel back to Waco now and then, we fly our little flags with our little foam fingers. We care. We want to win.

I want them to read this while the lingering defeat still stings in their loins. I have the answer to these questions. You can read my response and then go have a better life with the satisfaction of having this knowledge.

The reason you can't have better coaches and better recruits is simple.

You're Baylor.

You're not the Aggies or the Whorns. You're not even close. You can't even compete with Tard. TCU? Forget it. I know you're all passionate.

But you're Baylor.

I know you think I'm just running smack, but really I'm not.

You're Baylor.

Say it.

I'm Baylor.

I'm Baylor.

You're getting it.

I'm Baylor. I beat A&M one year out of 20+. Not much better against the other Texas schools. I'm not going to get any better. Really. I'm not. I'm Baylor.

I'm that kid that nobody picked to be on their team. But at that Fall Festival that year, I paid my $10 and dunked the captain of the football team in that dunking booth when he laughed at me for throwing like a girl. And it felt good.

I'm Baylor.

I got voted Most Likely to Succeed from the brass section of the band, and I made them proud by being accepted into a school lower ranked than the other Texas schools. But I paid more than the other kids did.

I'm Baylor.

I went to school in the worst city in this great state. They had to put a school here because otherwise, we'd all have to be Temple College fans.

I'm Baylor.

Notice how I didn't mention Koresh or people who died in your city. You shouldn't mention people who died in my bonfire. Ever again. Because these people are our brothers and sisters, and our pain for them is real.

But you won't do that anymore because now you know who you are.

You're not getting any better.

You'll never be worth mentioning on ESPN except when you take your annual asskicking by your fellow Texas schools you piggybacked into this great conference (our most sincere apologies to TCU).

You're Baylor.

And you'll be watching your daddies during the bowl season.

Decorate your trees and trim them with the green and gold. Spend Christmas with nighttime dreams of candy canes, Jolly St. Nick and an upset at Kyle or against Texas next year.

And then wake up. Take a whizz. Comb your hair. Kiss your kids.

And then remember what I told you.

You're Baylor.

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