Monday, October 02, 2006

The Roof. The Roof. The Roof is on Fire!

No seriosly, the roof was on fire at my jobsite on Friday, causing quite the stir in Dallas. Actually, it was the roof of the stair well. Apparently, the Arkansas roofers (no I'm not kidding) may have accidently (I would put that in quotes, but then you might think I'm implying something, and I'm not...or am I?) caught some of the plywood on the walls as they were torching the overlaps in the roofing sheets. The fire produced a thick black plume of smoke when the ashalt sheet underneath caught fire. It really made it look worse than it was.

WFAA's Story

Here's some chopper video.

There were 15 fire trucks present, I believe every channel had a crew on site. Even the spanish channel (not sure which one) wanted me for an interview. I, luckily, was busy taking the statements of the roofers. There were at least 3 news choppers as well as the police helicopter, who was circling very close and banking sharply directly above the building.

That was a pretty crazy way to end the week. I didn't make it home till about 9 PM, which pretty much ruined any chance I had of heading down for the tceh game. I ended up catching Jackass 2 instead.

The sprinkler pipes in the parking garage burst due to either too much pressure on the pipe (apparently, 2 fire pump trucks tried to plug into the system at the same time) or it was shady fittings. We're not quite sure yet. They worked over the weekend to get that system back up and running. Also, some drywall will have to be replaced, as well as some fixtures that got caught in the parking garage flooding. We also had some damage to the 2nd floor cabinets that we were storing down there.

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