Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stayin' Alive...

Died earlier today....comes back alive later that day. I should name it Timex...if I was lame, which I'm not, so I won't. No thanks to the assclowns at the Apple store.

I had made an appointment for later in the day (actually, it turns out I made if for tomorrow. Don't laugh, these hours I'm working have me all fucked up. Half the time I don't know what day it is. Seriously, I lose track. Anyways, I didn't find this out untill after I was there and he (the apple guy looks up my appointment) Anyways, I leave early to try and make the appointment (it was for 5:50...yea rush hour...but I had no choice as I'm leaving for PR tomorrow morning. Of course there's an f'in wreck, (firetrucks and all) on the exit from 360 to 114 (fuck if I can remember what that exit is right now). I go past it then try turning around...not sure if it saved some time, but I was in a hurry. As I'm driving, my friend is texting me about Steak & Ale closing shop (texting on an iphone is kinda hard...just thought I would throw that out there).

Get to the apple store and it's empty except for the employees (fucking oddest thing I've seen in a while, especially when you contrast that to the scene there a few weeks ago after the 3G Iphone came out. The place was packed. Anyway, go up to the Ipod Counter and start talking to the guy. After figuring out my apointment was for tomorrow it turns out he can help today (if you were paying attention, you'd remember that there was nobody else in the store) The thing is, he was fuck all helpfull. Didn't even try plugging it in to his computer or anything. There was some older chick/mom type at the ipod counter there "helping" him and all she could do is make some smart ass comments. No bitch, I didn't dance with my iPod like in the commercials. If you're not helping, then shut the fuck up!

The Apple Store at Willow Bend Mall was way better than these clowns. I think many of them were recently hired on to help with the iPhone rush. It just seemed like he didn't want any part of helping me and was only interested in selling me another one, trying to plug the Touch. I leave pissed.

Get home, plug it into the USB connection (usually I use the fire wire connection) and boom, it goes from iPod frown face to working, just like that. Fucking Awesome as it turns out.

I need to start saving for a new Classic. I can't keep wearing out the battery of my iPhone. I may actually need to make a call or something.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Dark Knight on Imax

(Yes it's framed properly in the theater so you don't see all that goofy shit at the top and bottom)

It's a must see on Imax yesterday. Seriously, it was amazing. The bank heist, the 18 Wheeler chase, the Hong Kong scene, each establishing city shot. All look incredible. It's a little noticeable when it goes from Imax frame to regular framed movie, but nothing too jaring. If you're not looking for it, I think you'll be ok.

Oh and yes, the movie holds up the 2nd time you see it. It really is brilliant. Hell, I was actually able to get a better sense of what was going on. It doesn't seem as long as the first time I saw it (no, that's not what she said).

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Watching Dexter - Random Thought

While watching episode 6 of season 1, I had to laugh at myself. I was rooting for the main character (and this isn't much of a spoiler) who is a serial killer to not get caught.

But it's a serial killer with a code. Which brings up some interesting moral questions.

As a quick turns out some of my favorite movies are movies where the director can get me rooting for the character where if you apply real world morals to him, he's considered the bad guy. Hello Godfather.

Anyways, I'm going through these pretty fast (2 seasons, 12 eps each). Great show. Michael C. Hall is great, but I knew that from 6 Feet Under. Great characters. I'm not sure how CBS is treating the show since they started airing it, but I would definetly recommend the Showtime version. Probably not as toned down in the nudity (yes there are spelling it that way) and blood/gore.

Anxiously awaiting Season 3. Jimmy Smits is joining the show. He's pretty solid.

Definetly recommend the show if you're looking for something to watch.


Finally got to watching Wall-E (which spelling do you like better: all together, space, hyphen or a asterisk?).

I really liked the movie. Thought it was cute as hell, and you could really feel the emotions of Wall E. Seems Pixar has hit another homerun, story is great. Animation is amazing. I'm sure it will make a ton of money at the box office, and even more with dvd/blu sales, but I don't think this one will be the megablockbuster (hello hyphen?), Best Pixar Evar! (hello hyperbole...and yes spelling is correct) many were predicting it to be. By "many" I mean the interweb nerds (yours truly not included) that like to do shit like that.

Cool video of a real life Wall-E (aka a robot version....settle down Joey).

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Smallvile Done

Caught up with Season 7 this afternoon after a marathon session. Not sure why after I had quit it after season 4, but I was curious to see where the Lex storyline was going. Season 5 and 6 really turned the series around (not as many freak of the weeks, not soo much Lana pining). I really gotta say S7 was pretty entertaining. Clarks cousin, (Supergirl?) was a nice addition. Just so we're clear, by nice I mean hot. Lex's journey is pretty much complete. He's E-vil. Lana's role is kept to a bare minimum, and when she does show up, it's not as annoying. Chloe is as cute as ever, but in order to meet up with the Superman stories we know, she has to die right? Sadly, Lois is barely around and when she is, she doesn't show off her body. Bummer.

The whole Justice League characters are mentioned and refered to, but they don't get much screen time either, which is a bit of a shame. After seeing the great episode in Season 6 where they take down one of Lex's facilities, I had high hopes for this season.

After some debate, I'm starting Season 1 of Dexter.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

Warning. Post may (WILL) have spoilers. Normally I wouldn't mind spoiling a movie for you, but this one rocks way too much to do that.

Go See it cause it's fucking awesome. Easily in contention for the best movie I'm going to see this year (I'm holding out hope for Quantum of Solace). Completely lives up to the hype that was built of the amazing Batman Begins. Delivers on every aspect. The action is awesome. Dialogue is witty. The story rocks. You know it's good when the movie is not over and your friend says "this may be the best movie I've ever seen". I'm not sure exactly where it would land on the list, but damn if it doesn't automatically make the 10 easily.

It's hard to decide what my favorite part was. Ledger is amazing. You can't even tell it's him under the makeup. He completely reinvents the Joker character and out does Jack Nicholson. Soo many great scenes with him in it. The pencil trick is fucking genius and is probably my favorite. The scene leaving the hospital (you'll know what I'm talking about) is very funny.

Bale is rock solid and is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. He's great in everything he does. Looking forward to seeing him as John Connor. Michael Cain and Morgan Freeman are solid as expected. Gary Oldman is fantastic and Gordon...wish he would of had more screen time.

Aaron Eckhart will probably be overshadowed by Ledger and all the hype because of his death, but I think he really knocked it out of the park. I hope 2 Face isn't dead (I think they left an out at the end) but I think he will be. He's served his purpose in the movie.

I know Nolan isn't signed on for another movie, but I've read that he'll more than likely be back (with a bit of a pay raise I would think). I'm extremely anxious to see where they go with the 3rd one.

Monday, July 14, 2008

M. Night Shama.....'s The Happening

"I see dead people"

I won't spoil it for you (although I should), but the only reason you need to see this is if you like to see gruesome deaths (yea, like the lawnmower scene in the trailer), love Zoey D (damn she's got some great eyes)....or have a Marky Mark infatuation.

Even then, see the matinee. Don't pay full price for it.

I'm finally on board with the "M. Night has lost it" crowd.

P.S. I was giving him a chance even though I never saw Lady in the Water (it's on the DVR...just haven't been in the mood (no...that's not what she said)) He's lost his "goodwill" where you'd go see his movie based on his name/rep alone. In the past, he could get me interested in his movies based on name alone. 6th Sense was awesome, Unbreakable is pretty underrated. Signs is pretty good, but not as great as everyone makes it out to be. After that, the decent into mediocrity picks up, although I don't think that The Village wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be.

Random Thought for the Day

Can I pull of a driving cap?

I'm watching Leatherheads this morning since all we have is the Roofers doing their thing and I see a scene (actually alot of the scenes) have George Clooney wearing one and I think to myself..."that's a cool hat". Could I pull it off?

What say you?

By the way, the movie's ok, nothing special. Some funny moments. It trys... (yes that's the end of that sentence) Renee Zellweger (by the way, I typed her name into google to try and get the correct spelling, and bam! Got it right the 1st time. Another reason I'm better than you.) is not aging well. Her squinchy face is not attractive at all and she has her makeup gun set to "whore". It's rediculous. Can I say she peaked (in looks) in Jerry Maguirre?

Small Blog Update

I've put my Playstation Network ID on the side of the blog. Yes, I know you care. It's really kinda plain right now, but I expect Sony to add to it, (Trophies, Level, Score) to make it match up with the Xbox Gamercard.

I wish they (they being Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo) would come up with something new and exciting instead of copying features from each other.

New Toy...


Goodbye Nextel. Thanks to my brothers for sticking with it. Yes sarcasm.

On Saturday,since I was well rested, I decided to get shit done. Plenty of sleep was had the night (and day) before.

Went to the dry cleaners....turns out Wed & Sat are 30% off discount days. Awesomeness.

Went to an AT&T store down the road in Arlington in the middle of the afternoon to take a chance and see if they had any iPhones left. They stopped just short of laughing at me. No biggie. Figured it would be crazy. Decided to take my chances anyway, and journey up to Southlake, cause...really, there was nothing better on TV to watch.

Get there, park and as I'm walking (note to self, there's alot of scattered ass walking around the Town Square...must return) into the store, I see a sign hanging on the easel saying they are sold out. I think to myself...oh well, at least I'll get to play with one of the display models and decide if I wanted the white or the black one. As I'm walking in, the greeter at the door asks me if I'm here for the iPhone. I say yes, but I just saw the sign by the door. He says that they just got another shipment in, so they're in stock. I'm first in line for the next batch, which fills up really freaking quickly. 30 minutes later, he's got my $324 (yes it's the 16 gb) and I've got a new phone number (fcuk!). I'm going to have to visit the AT&T store and get my number ported over, cause they couldn't do it at the apple store, and the lady on the phone at AT&T described a really lengthy process that had me contemplating just keeping the new number.

Some great applications have already been downloaded. My favorites so far...
Remote - Control your iTunes from your phone (as long as you're on a network). Works seamlessly. I'm loving it.

Shazam - amazing song recognition program ... Hold up to music get the artist and title info within 30 seconds . It's really freakin awesome. I say "Shazam!" every time it works. (obvious joke avoided on purpose)

Flickr - post your pics from your phone directly to your blog. You can browse your flickr photos as well.

Cube Runner - fun little free 3d game where you try to navigate the longest around an increasing number of blocks. Uses the motion control of the iphone.

AOL Radio - free online radio from around the country. Even has local radio station 105.3 on there. Fantastic.

Pandora - same as the website. Give it a artist you like and it plays more like it.

Lightsaber - you pick the color of your lightsaber, then as you move the phone, it makes lightsaber noises. Pretty awesome....if you're a bit nerdy.

Aurora Feint - amazing "columns" style game. Rotate the phone, the blocks rotate. It's free too. Game this good, you would expect it to cost.

Urban Spoon - a "slot machine" type program that picks where you go eat. Perfect for the people I run around with.

Now I'm looking for a good case for it. Any suggestions? ipodlounge has dick up right now. The one I bought at Best Buy doesn't fit the new 3G models. Gotta return it on Tuesday (NCAA 2009 Day!). I'm leaning towards (editor's note: and ending up buying) the Griffin hard shell leather case. Seems to work pretty well. Even has a plastic screen that covers the regular screen. You would think it wouldn't be as responsive, but it works great.

And that's another reason why I'm better than you.

P.S. I saw that they're building a 5 Guys Burgers and Fries joint up there. I hear good things about that place from some NYC people I talk to. We'll (you know who you are) have to check that place out.

P.P.S. I just learned there's one in the Galleria. F' that. Southlake is closer.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vampire Weekend

Little late to the party, but I bet I'm still ahead of half of you.

Great album that's getting worn out (as much as it can on a digital music player...but hey, you get my point.

Pretty much the entire album is good.

Here some of the videos I've found on Youtube to let you make your own decision. Probably the best songs on the album. At least they're my favorites.


Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

Oxford Comma

Mansard Roof

Something's Wrong With Me

(...besides the obvious you jerk)

I think I'm at the point where you've had so little sleep, that things become hilarious. Anyways, there's three things I've been laughing at all morning.

2 of them are youtube clips.



That one's not as funny, but I still laughed my ass off....mainly because the old man just rides the escalator up.

Now this next one is not really that funny, but pretty cool. I kinda want to try it.

3rd thing here...

Actually here it its. It's a picture.

I think you may need a link to a message board to get the full extent of the funny on that one. Here you go.

Now, is it funny or is it just the lack of sleep/early hours?

Now that I think of it, I really should go back and finish updating the posts I have in "draft mode". I're excited.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Quick Thoughts on a Long Weekend

Flying is fun. I'm probably one of the few that enjoy it...maybe 'cause I don't do enough of it. Paying for parking sucks ass though.

Highways in New Mexico suck. 60 to 65...really? There ain't shit out there. The only people on the highways are the people passing through the state (oh snap) Why my friend drove so slow and let the entire state pass him is beyond me.

Ruidossa in the summertime is nice. Very nice. Great weather and scenery. Nice cool breeze. Loved the weather.

The house we stayed at was awesome. Brundage is loaded.

The town of Ruidossa is fucking rediculous. How can a town that lives off of tourism and out of towners-be-soo fucking rude to them. Thanks to the owner(was he the ?) of The Courtyard (was that the name of it?) for being the nicest person out there.

The links course we played, Links at Sierra Blanca, was pretty nice and we had a fun time playing the scramble, but no fucking way was it worth 120 bones. Still, I hit a clutch 20 ft birdie put, which probably was the highlight of my day. I really should get out and play more so I could justify buying some new clubs.

Girl Talk...recommend by my friend Matt on his blog Stay Classy Dallas. Pretty good stuff. It's a mashup of, well of alot of things. It's pretty fun listen. Follow the link on his blog to check it out.

Apparently I'm pretty good at hold'em. Not sure why though as I never play. Prolly was just lucky to get 3rd. The fuckers left decided to split the pot as soon as I was out.

Horse Races are pretty fun, even if you lose on all 10 races. But I did lear alot on how to read the programs and everything. I'm hoping to make it out to Lone Star Park soon and see if I can do better out here.

I may have broke even at the casino playing blackjack, but fuck if I didn't feel a loser for not walking out with 4-500 bucks like 4 other guys did. I was actually up about 200 (aside from what I bought in with) but gave it back like a litte chump. Got to learn when to walk away. Inn of the Mountain of the Gods is pretty nice now. I heard it use to be quite the shithole.

Catchphrase (it's like a handheld boardgame type thing) is pretty fun, especially when you're hammered. May have to look into that.

Taking the Monday off to recover was a pretty clutch move on my part.

Going back to vampire hours is going to suck major donkey ballas. Fuck this week may be a 4 day week for me, but it's going to feel much longer.

S. Hillman is by far my most expensive friend. Between this and his wedding, my wealth will be shorter than a midget on his knees.