Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stayin' Alive...

Died earlier today....comes back alive later that day. I should name it Timex...if I was lame, which I'm not, so I won't. No thanks to the assclowns at the Apple store.

I had made an appointment for later in the day (actually, it turns out I made if for tomorrow. Don't laugh, these hours I'm working have me all fucked up. Half the time I don't know what day it is. Seriously, I lose track. Anyways, I didn't find this out untill after I was there and he (the apple guy looks up my appointment) Anyways, I leave early to try and make the appointment (it was for 5:50...yea rush hour...but I had no choice as I'm leaving for PR tomorrow morning. Of course there's an f'in wreck, (firetrucks and all) on the exit from 360 to 114 (fuck if I can remember what that exit is right now). I go past it then try turning around...not sure if it saved some time, but I was in a hurry. As I'm driving, my friend is texting me about Steak & Ale closing shop (texting on an iphone is kinda hard...just thought I would throw that out there).

Get to the apple store and it's empty except for the employees (fucking oddest thing I've seen in a while, especially when you contrast that to the scene there a few weeks ago after the 3G Iphone came out. The place was packed. Anyway, go up to the Ipod Counter and start talking to the guy. After figuring out my apointment was for tomorrow it turns out he can help today (if you were paying attention, you'd remember that there was nobody else in the store) The thing is, he was fuck all helpfull. Didn't even try plugging it in to his computer or anything. There was some older chick/mom type at the ipod counter there "helping" him and all she could do is make some smart ass comments. No bitch, I didn't dance with my iPod like in the commercials. If you're not helping, then shut the fuck up!

The Apple Store at Willow Bend Mall was way better than these clowns. I think many of them were recently hired on to help with the iPhone rush. It just seemed like he didn't want any part of helping me and was only interested in selling me another one, trying to plug the Touch. I leave pissed.

Get home, plug it into the USB connection (usually I use the fire wire connection) and boom, it goes from iPod frown face to working, just like that. Fucking Awesome as it turns out.

I need to start saving for a new Classic. I can't keep wearing out the battery of my iPhone. I may actually need to make a call or something.

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