Monday, July 14, 2008

New Toy...


Goodbye Nextel. Thanks to my brothers for sticking with it. Yes sarcasm.

On Saturday,since I was well rested, I decided to get shit done. Plenty of sleep was had the night (and day) before.

Went to the dry cleaners....turns out Wed & Sat are 30% off discount days. Awesomeness.

Went to an AT&T store down the road in Arlington in the middle of the afternoon to take a chance and see if they had any iPhones left. They stopped just short of laughing at me. No biggie. Figured it would be crazy. Decided to take my chances anyway, and journey up to Southlake, cause...really, there was nothing better on TV to watch.

Get there, park and as I'm walking (note to self, there's alot of scattered ass walking around the Town Square...must return) into the store, I see a sign hanging on the easel saying they are sold out. I think to myself...oh well, at least I'll get to play with one of the display models and decide if I wanted the white or the black one. As I'm walking in, the greeter at the door asks me if I'm here for the iPhone. I say yes, but I just saw the sign by the door. He says that they just got another shipment in, so they're in stock. I'm first in line for the next batch, which fills up really freaking quickly. 30 minutes later, he's got my $324 (yes it's the 16 gb) and I've got a new phone number (fcuk!). I'm going to have to visit the AT&T store and get my number ported over, cause they couldn't do it at the apple store, and the lady on the phone at AT&T described a really lengthy process that had me contemplating just keeping the new number.

Some great applications have already been downloaded. My favorites so far...
Remote - Control your iTunes from your phone (as long as you're on a network). Works seamlessly. I'm loving it.

Shazam - amazing song recognition program ... Hold up to music get the artist and title info within 30 seconds . It's really freakin awesome. I say "Shazam!" every time it works. (obvious joke avoided on purpose)

Flickr - post your pics from your phone directly to your blog. You can browse your flickr photos as well.

Cube Runner - fun little free 3d game where you try to navigate the longest around an increasing number of blocks. Uses the motion control of the iphone.

AOL Radio - free online radio from around the country. Even has local radio station 105.3 on there. Fantastic.

Pandora - same as the website. Give it a artist you like and it plays more like it.

Lightsaber - you pick the color of your lightsaber, then as you move the phone, it makes lightsaber noises. Pretty awesome....if you're a bit nerdy.

Aurora Feint - amazing "columns" style game. Rotate the phone, the blocks rotate. It's free too. Game this good, you would expect it to cost.

Urban Spoon - a "slot machine" type program that picks where you go eat. Perfect for the people I run around with.

Now I'm looking for a good case for it. Any suggestions? ipodlounge has dick up right now. The one I bought at Best Buy doesn't fit the new 3G models. Gotta return it on Tuesday (NCAA 2009 Day!). I'm leaning towards (editor's note: and ending up buying) the Griffin hard shell leather case. Seems to work pretty well. Even has a plastic screen that covers the regular screen. You would think it wouldn't be as responsive, but it works great.

And that's another reason why I'm better than you.

P.S. I saw that they're building a 5 Guys Burgers and Fries joint up there. I hear good things about that place from some NYC people I talk to. We'll (you know who you are) have to check that place out.

P.P.S. I just learned there's one in the Galleria. F' that. Southlake is closer.

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