Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Quick Thoughts on a Long Weekend

Flying is fun. I'm probably one of the few that enjoy it...maybe 'cause I don't do enough of it. Paying for parking sucks ass though.

Highways in New Mexico suck. 60 to 65...really? There ain't shit out there. The only people on the highways are the people passing through the state (oh snap) Why my friend drove so slow and let the entire state pass him is beyond me.

Ruidossa in the summertime is nice. Very nice. Great weather and scenery. Nice cool breeze. Loved the weather.

The house we stayed at was awesome. Brundage is loaded.

The town of Ruidossa is fucking rediculous. How can a town that lives off of tourism and out of towners-be-soo fucking rude to them. Thanks to the owner(was he the ?) of The Courtyard (was that the name of it?) for being the nicest person out there.

The links course we played, Links at Sierra Blanca, was pretty nice and we had a fun time playing the scramble, but no fucking way was it worth 120 bones. Still, I hit a clutch 20 ft birdie put, which probably was the highlight of my day. I really should get out and play more so I could justify buying some new clubs.

Girl Talk...recommend by my friend Matt on his blog Stay Classy Dallas. Pretty good stuff. It's a mashup of, well of alot of things. It's pretty fun listen. Follow the link on his blog to check it out.

Apparently I'm pretty good at hold'em. Not sure why though as I never play. Prolly was just lucky to get 3rd. The fuckers left decided to split the pot as soon as I was out.

Horse Races are pretty fun, even if you lose on all 10 races. But I did lear alot on how to read the programs and everything. I'm hoping to make it out to Lone Star Park soon and see if I can do better out here.

I may have broke even at the casino playing blackjack, but fuck if I didn't feel a loser for not walking out with 4-500 bucks like 4 other guys did. I was actually up about 200 (aside from what I bought in with) but gave it back like a litte chump. Got to learn when to walk away. Inn of the Mountain of the Gods is pretty nice now. I heard it use to be quite the shithole.

Catchphrase (it's like a handheld boardgame type thing) is pretty fun, especially when you're hammered. May have to look into that.

Taking the Monday off to recover was a pretty clutch move on my part.

Going back to vampire hours is going to suck major donkey ballas. Fuck this week may be a 4 day week for me, but it's going to feel much longer.

S. Hillman is by far my most expensive friend. Between this and his wedding, my wealth will be shorter than a midget on his knees.

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