Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

Warning. Post may (WILL) have spoilers. Normally I wouldn't mind spoiling a movie for you, but this one rocks way too much to do that.

Go See it cause it's fucking awesome. Easily in contention for the best movie I'm going to see this year (I'm holding out hope for Quantum of Solace). Completely lives up to the hype that was built of the amazing Batman Begins. Delivers on every aspect. The action is awesome. Dialogue is witty. The story rocks. You know it's good when the movie is not over and your friend says "this may be the best movie I've ever seen". I'm not sure exactly where it would land on the list, but damn if it doesn't automatically make the 10 easily.

It's hard to decide what my favorite part was. Ledger is amazing. You can't even tell it's him under the makeup. He completely reinvents the Joker character and out does Jack Nicholson. Soo many great scenes with him in it. The pencil trick is fucking genius and is probably my favorite. The scene leaving the hospital (you'll know what I'm talking about) is very funny.

Bale is rock solid and is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. He's great in everything he does. Looking forward to seeing him as John Connor. Michael Cain and Morgan Freeman are solid as expected. Gary Oldman is fantastic and Gordon...wish he would of had more screen time.

Aaron Eckhart will probably be overshadowed by Ledger and all the hype because of his death, but I think he really knocked it out of the park. I hope 2 Face isn't dead (I think they left an out at the end) but I think he will be. He's served his purpose in the movie.

I know Nolan isn't signed on for another movie, but I've read that he'll more than likely be back (with a bit of a pay raise I would think). I'm extremely anxious to see where they go with the 3rd one.

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