Sunday, July 20, 2008

Smallvile Done

Caught up with Season 7 this afternoon after a marathon session. Not sure why after I had quit it after season 4, but I was curious to see where the Lex storyline was going. Season 5 and 6 really turned the series around (not as many freak of the weeks, not soo much Lana pining). I really gotta say S7 was pretty entertaining. Clarks cousin, (Supergirl?) was a nice addition. Just so we're clear, by nice I mean hot. Lex's journey is pretty much complete. He's E-vil. Lana's role is kept to a bare minimum, and when she does show up, it's not as annoying. Chloe is as cute as ever, but in order to meet up with the Superman stories we know, she has to die right? Sadly, Lois is barely around and when she is, she doesn't show off her body. Bummer.

The whole Justice League characters are mentioned and refered to, but they don't get much screen time either, which is a bit of a shame. After seeing the great episode in Season 6 where they take down one of Lex's facilities, I had high hopes for this season.

After some debate, I'm starting Season 1 of Dexter.

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