Monday, October 23, 2006

Listening to A&M Games on the Radio = NOT FUN

As commented by Dave South:

  • "There's the snap thie kick is up...........AND IT'S BLOCKED!!!!! AGGIES WIN!!!!!"

Above, Red Bryant blocks the extra point in overtime to give the Aggies the win, 34-33 in OT.

Here's a highlight reel of the game. (I'll embed the link from Yout Tube later). See the clip and note the 1 handed catch by the JTRAIN. That's a huge play on 4th and 19, in the 4th quarter, with less than 3 minutes left. We don't get that 1st down, the game is essentially over.

Here's a few more You Tube videos:

The Legion of Doom CEO, Martellus Bennett scores a TD, his first of the year.

JTRAIN breaking through for 1 TD.

Here's the game tying touchdown, with :03 left in the game.

Now I know I'm not the only person complaining about Dave South, our play by play announcer for all Texas A&M games. The man, while his suppored is appreciated, has to go. Seriously. He has no idea what's going on. Here are some common quotes heard during his broadcast.

  • "INT by Gorrer.....touchback will give the Aggies the ball at the 30." (The 30?!?!?)
  • "McGee play action, Goodson caught for a 4 yard loss." (I guess everytime it's a option where we don't give it to the dive man, it's a playaction?)
  • "Aggies snap the ball at the 15, line of scrimmage is the 10."
  • "and he's a half yard short of 2nd down."
  • "He's at the 50..45..40..35..30.25..20.15..10..5..Touchback..Touchdown."

That's just a sample of the goodness that is Dave South. I swear I had a heart attack each time we would kick an extra point.

  • "Here's the snap. The hold. The kick is up, and it is ...(wait for it)...(keep waiting for it)....(seriously, keep waiting)...... good."

There is no need to drag it out like that. None. Check out Texags for the past few days, and you'll see I'm not alone. We all love his enthusiasm for the Ags, but Good Lord, help us out some will ya?

Anyway, Baylor is up this week, and I'm really going to try and make the this game. It seems Baylor is taking it's cue from the tcehtards in terms of class. This is one of the posts from Baylorfans. Un-be-fucking-lievable:

Originally Posted by seth99992 things:

--throwing a bunch of numbers at me won't
make anyone more right

----and if an aggie is anywhere on this thread arguing
that their backs are somehow better than cornish, then that's just downight
stupid.....their backs are probably a little better than our backs (and not by
much) but to say they are better than cornish. there's a reason a&m is full
of dumbasses. or maybe there is no reason.

I don't think that school realizes how much people actually hate them. I mean, if i was in the military and we were in Iraq or somewhere, I'd probably open up friendly fire on an aggie in the trenches, because i'm sure he'd be doing something stupid to deserve being shot.

God I hope we come out and just run all overthem. I've never really hated Baylor, hell I barely give them a second thought. Shit like that post, does piss me off.

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