Monday, October 09, 2006

Finished Saint's Row

Really fun game, and I still have some activities to complete, but the storyline is complete. The ending is a little weak, but they've left it open for a sequel. I won't spoil the ending, but it's out there if you want to look for it, or even ask me about it.

This game had some top notch voice talent at work. Lots of names you would recognize. It was a GTA clone, nobody will argue that, but it did improve on many of the problems that plagued GTA. The best addition was probably the waypoint system on the compass that helped guide you on where you needed to go. Very similar to the way navagation works in cars. Other additions include the ability customize your character. It's nuts how many options they give you. Mine looked like a cross between me and Turtle from Entourage. You could also pimp out any ride in the game, far more than you could in GTA. The shooting controls, were also vastly improved from Rockstar's games.

The side missions were very fun, ranging from racing, to stealing cars for a chop shop, to stealing hoes from pimps (called Snatch...get it, the double entedre...yea you got it) to my favorite, driving hoes around while they're in the back with a customer. Some of the funniest dialogue came from those missions. The issurance fraud (where you throw yourself in front of cars) missions were hilarious. Seeing my body bounce around in the air, Meet Joe Black style, always made me laugh.

The game was a bit buggy, hell I couldn't do the last few missions cause I had too many cars in my garage (yea, I don't get that corollary either). I also found numerous clipping issues, and a few times, I got stuck under the road after I was thrown from my car. Another time, my car got stuck in the road, similar to what a javelin looks like sticking out of the grass. Very weird.

I'll probably be there for the sequel when it's released. I had too much fun playing this not to. I mean, how can you not love a came that has a fast food restaurant named "Freckle Bitches".

Now I really should go back and finish San Andreas. I'm pretty sure I'm close to the end. It's a shame I didn't really see how the story played out.

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