Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The FIU vs Miami Brawl

As briefly mentioned in yesterday's post, here's the video of the brawl.

(I'll embed the video when I get home. For some reason I can't copy the embed link in Explorer)
Edit: There we go

Lamar Thomas is a former Miami reciever and is currently a color analyst. When I say currently, I'm talking about at the time of the game. Based on his comments, starting about halfway through the video, he's a former color analyst. Pretty funny actually. He talks pretty big.

The bench-clearing brawl resulted in 31 suspensions between the two schools.

The result of the brawl?
  • Thomas is fired.
  • Coker is safe for now. (I personally expect changes at the end of the season)
  • 12 Miami players suspended for 1 game.
  • Sophomore safety Anthony Reddick (Miami) was suspended indefinitely (He's the one you see swinging his helmet)
  • The ACC and Miami (4-2) suspended Reddick, Carlos Armour, Chris Barney, James Bryant, Tyrone Byrd, DajLeon Farr, Ryan Hill, Bruce Johnson, Charlie Jones, Brandon Meriweather, Brian Monroe, Derrick Morse and Randy Phillips.
  • Chris Smith and Marshall McDuffie Jr., (FIU) dismissed, but remain on scholarship.
  • 16 FIU players placed on probation indefinetly.
  • Sun Belt Conference and FIU (0-7) suspended Michael Alls, Scott Bryant, Roland Clark, Michael Dominquez, John Ellis, Cory Fleming, Reginald Jones, Robert Mitchell, Quintin Newman, Luis Pena, Jarvis Penerton, Julian Reams, Lionell Singleton, Samuel Smith, Mannie Wellington and Chandler Williams.

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