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9 out of 12 times. 9 Out Of The Last 12 F'in Times.

That's A&M's record versus tceh. A&M has lost 9 out of the last 12 times. It's getting rediculous. This last time, victory was snatched away with 26 seconds left, the equivalent of a last second game winning shot in basketball. Actually, I think it's eerily similar to the 3 pointer that LSU hit in the NCAA Tournament to knock us out. This was a 40 yard bomb by Grahm Harrel to Robert Johnson was so improbable, you can run the same play 9 more times and not complete one of them. Seriously, this ball was perfectly placed, and an amazing catch by woods with our FRESHMAN (bolded for emphasis) cornerback Jordan Peterson all over the reciever. Seriously, it was about as best as he could of played the ball, short of turning and looking for it. I put no blame on Peterson, I still think he's got a bright future here.
I do put a little blame on Justin Warren, our SENIOR linebacker. According to our defensive coordinator, there was a max blitz on the play. If you watch this video you can see even the cornerback blitzes, but Warren just drops back into no man's land. If he blitzes, then I think we have a really good shot at either a sack, or a qb pressure, forcing him to throw early. Seriously, take a look at the video. You can see that the running back, Woods picked up the block on the cb, when the linebacker didn't show. What makes the loss even more frustrating is that we had 2 long time consuming drives to tie the game. That's basically the gameplan with a quick strike offense like tceh's. We chewed up the clock and got points. We even got the ball back and we ended up kicking a field goal to go up 27-24 with about 2 minutes left. Unfortunatley, that was too much time. There was also the slight euphoric "high" after Mark Dodge's interception. Sadly, the buzz was killed on the official review which overturned because the ball hit the ground before the catch.

The worst part of it is, that although I've started to become accustomed to losses lately, this loss pretty much ruined the rest of the college football games for me. I watched them, but this time it was with a certain numbness where I just couldn't get into them.

Now TexAgs is in overreaction mode, with people calling for the firing of our coach midseason. It's a pain to even go over there right now. Hopefully, it will clear up a little with a W at Kansas. Even that, according to some posters on the message board, will be hard to come by. Here's also a list that's been popping up alot lately in the "against" column of Coach Fran.

The following lists some of Fran's accomplishments in his four years as Head Coach at A&M.
  • 1. 20-20 overall record
  • 2. 11 losses of 20 or more points
  • 3. Lost to every Big 12 team, except for KU/KSU, at least once
  • 4. Lost to every Big 12 team, except for KU/KSU/Baylor, by at least 20 points
  • 5. Overall Big 12 record: 10-14 with an average loss by 24.
  • 6 points.6. Big 12 South record 5-10 with an average loss by 23.8 points.
  • 7. Pass defense ranked 117th in the country in 2005
  • 8. Our average loss is 22.5 points per game.
  • 9. Barrick Nealy passed for 378 yards. In the other 8 games he's averaged 165 yards passing against I-AA competition in 2005
  • 10. Paul Mosley rushed for a season high 133 yards. He's averaged 57 ypg the rest of the season in 2005
  • 11. Joel Klatt passed for more yards in one quarter than any other QB inColorado history.
  • 12. Allan Evridge threw for a career high 357 yards. He's averaged 129 ypg against the rest of the schedule.
  • 13. First WR to ever catch 4 TD passes against A&M. (Todd Blythe)
  • 14. Worst loss in A&M history. (77-0)
  • 15. Worst loss to Tech in A&M history. (56-17)
  • 16. Worst bowl loss in our history
  • 17. First loss ever to Iowa State.
  • 18. First losing season since 1982
  • 19. First loss to Baylor since 1985
  • 20. 3-12 record on the road
  • 21. Of the five football games in the 125 years of Aggie footballhistory where our defense surrendered the most points, Fran owns three of them.
  • 77 points to OU .............. FRAN
  • 59 points to TT ............... FRAN
  • 57 points to tu ................. Bellard
  • 56 points to TT ................ FRAN (tie)
  • 56 points to Ohio State ... Stallings (tie)

This is Franchione's career vs. teams that ended the season in the AP Top 25. His win over Texas Tech in 2004 is his only victory ever against a BCS conference team that ended the season ranked.

1992-1997 New Mexico 1-5

  • L #24 Fresno State 28-31
  • L #18 BYU 47-49
  • L #16 Colorado State 31-38
  • W #10 Utah 23-21
  • L #23 Texas Tech 7-34
  • L #17 Colorado State 13-41

1998-2000 TCU 1-0

  • W #13 Air Force 35-34

2001-2002 Alabama 0-6

  • L #13 South Carolina 36-37
  • L #4 Tennessee 24-35
  • L #7 LSU 21-35
  • L #5 Oklahoma 27-37
  • L #3 Georgia 25-27
  • L #14 Auburn 7-17

2003-2006 TAMU 2-12

  • W #21 Utah 28-26
  • L #19 Nebraska 12-48
  • L #3 Oklahoma 0-77
  • L #12 Texas 15-46
  • L #4 Utah 21-41
  • L #3 Oklahoma 35-42
  • W #18 Texas Tech 32-25
  • L #5 Texas 13-26
  • L #13 Tennessee 7-38
  • L #21 Clemson 24-25
  • L #20 Texas Tech 17-56
  • L #22 Oklahoma 30-36
  • L #1 Texas 29-40
  • L #25 Texas Tech 27-314-23

All-Time 1-18 vs. teams from BCS conferences

Doesn't look good for him. Baring some major upsets (where we come out on top) in the later half of this season, specifically in November, this is looking like the end for the Fran era at A&M. The question is, who can we get to replace him?

My wishlist

  • Gene Chizik - I would love to get this guy, but I'm not sure we can. Great defensive mind.
  • Butch Davis - I hear he's inline for the Arkansas job if and when they fire Houston Nutt.
  • Steve Craigthorpe - He's coached at A&M during which we had our greatest passing offense. Also, he's doing great things at Tulsa. Is he ready for the big time?
  • Tommy Tubberville - I doubt we can get him, but when we fired RC, he was rumored to be in the mix for the job. Plus, Auburn had almost shown him the door. Now, I don't think we can get him, especially after the past few seasons he's had. He's a god there now. Who knows, money talks. Maybe he's still pissed at his employers.
  • Mike Price - He's turning around UTEP, but rumor has it he doesn't have much of a defense. I would be in favor of this guy.
  • Bo Pelini - another great defensive mind. I wouldn't be mad about getting this guy.
  • Randy Shannon is the DC for the 'canes. I would love to get him as well, but I think he's the heir apparent to Larry Cocker.
  • Petrino just got a big extension from Louisville, so I would think he's out.

What we really need is the Billy Gillespie's of the football world. Who is that and where can we find him?

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