Monday, October 16, 2006

Stephen F'in McGee, The JTRAIN, and Mike Goodies

I had to work on Saturday, so starting about 2:30, I stopped checking TexAgs and any other college football site in order to avoid being spoiled. I had the game on my DVR. From 2:30 to about 7, when I finally got home, I had to find other websites to spend the time. I almost screwed up once. I went to the website about 6, by habit, and luckily I moved on before reading anything on the site. I made it hope blissfully ignorant of any happenings.

Now this was a way to start the game. Well sort of. This play (2nd of the game) could of been a disaster, but the hustle play of Jordan Peterson (Freshman by the way) saved the day. It was a heads up play by him and I think this may be the play of the year. The kid will be a good one. Scratch that, he's going to be a great one. Mizzou scores on this, the game goes their way. As it is, I think this set the tempo for us.

This basically put the game away for us.

Obviously a photoshop (although he did complete a 12 yd pass to himself this game), but many Aggie faithful feel the same way. If we can eat the clock like we did this past weekend, and give them a healthy dose of the JTRAIN, we've got a good chance to win every single ball game. We could also just as easily lose every game. We were 26 seconds away from being 7-0. We're also about 2 minutes away from being 4-3. It can go either way just as easily, but now I feel pretty confident with #7 leading us. He's a gamer, and he's learning how to win. The future looks bright with reshirt sophomore McGee leading the way.

Tech got beat down by CU, which makes our loss to them even more frustrating. They've lost 2 in a row since their "Superbowl" win against us. Andrian Peterson is gone for the year with a broken collar bone. That gives us an even better chance against ou. The cubbiesput up 31 on the whorns, which begs the question: Is the tu defense that suspect, or is bu actually that good?

Oh, and I saw the highlights of the brawl between Miami and FIU. I think Coker has completely lost that team and he needs to suspend a whole lot of people on tha tteam. That was disgraceful.

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