Monday, October 02, 2006

I Knew I Forgot Something... was my iPod. I f'in left it in the desk drawer at work. I'm not really mad, but I'm not sure what else I would call it. No wonder I felt so weird riding the train home tonight. I was already on the DART before I realized what was wrong. I could actually hear. The train was making loud noises. I could hear people talking (loudly I might add). It took me a second to realize that they were just being louder than normal, I had no earphones on. I could actually hear whats going on in the world, and seriously, I don't wish that upon anyone.

It's funny how when you forget your watch, you feel naked without it, and now, everything else that day feels slightly off. I felt the same way. Very strange feeling. I'm not OCD or anything. Well maybe I have a very, very, very, very, very mild case of it. I'm just a habitual person by nature. I find myself doing the same routine every morning, or taking the same seat on the train ont he way home. It's just the way I am. Things become sort of like a tradition with me. That's the way I do things. (I'll let you make your own connection to A&M). It's not that I'm afraid of change or anything. Sometimes, change is good and you need to mix things up a bit. It's just that when I find something I like, or I know works, I tend to stick with it.

Anway. I do have my shuffle that I can use as a backup, but I've got to find some other headphones because my good ones are back at work. I dunno, it's only about 90 minutes that I'll have to be without them. I can handle that, can't I?

Ok, I promise it's my last post for the day.

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