Monday, September 25, 2006

Aggies whup La Tech 45-14....

....and Coach Fran finally has a winning record at A&M. 20-19. Wow. Took him 4 years, and what, 8 million dollars, but he finally got there. Guess scheduling this year was really looking out for him. But, "what's his record in the Big 12" you ask? Good question. 10-14. Let's hope that gets corrected this season. It will have to be, if we plan to reach the record I think we should.

On a much happier note. Stacy Reeves is a photo journalists (yes, apparently we still have those at A&M) for A&M. On her website, she takes some great shots of the A&M games. Here's the photos for the game versus La Tech. Great work Stacy. I've been checking out your photos since you first posted your website. My favorite is the Heisman-esque pose of Mike Goodson. Sure wish I could of used that one for my blog. EDIT: GUESS I CAN USE IT NOW. SOMEBODY PUT IT ON THEIR PHOTOBUCKET ACCOUNT. WAY TO GO TEXAGS.

Oh well. The spider lightning photo will have to do. EDIT: THE SPIDER LIGHTNING STAYS!

NOTE: From Stacy herself, please don't hotlink to her photos. (Hell, I'm not even sure how you would do that. I couldn't save them to my hard drive)

In other great news, Army beat Baylor in overtime. Baylorfans is in complete meltdown mode, and they are trying to get themselves withdrawn from D-1 football. I'm laughing my ass off.
This week, tceh comes to town. God I hate tceh. F'in techerheads. I hope we kick tceh's ass.

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