Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Super Mario Bros = Completed

This was a fantastic game and I highly recommend it to any and everyone. It's a must buy for anybody with a DS. It's a brand new game, not a remake or a port, but it's in the old school (or is it ol' skool?) side scrolling genre. It's got elements from all the previous SMB games.

On Monday, I finally beat the game on the train ride home. The last castle was a PAIN IN THE ASS, and it took me many tries to beat. Hell, the mini boss in World 8 was also a pain for me. I eventually got the best out of them. I'm now going back and getting the remaining star coins throughout the game and trying to figure out how to open up wolds 3 and 7.

Now, hopefully I can get back to Trauma Center and diffuse that damn bomb!

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