Monday, September 04, 2006

12th Man TV vs. Adzillatron

Kyle Field got plenty of new improvements over the offseason. Here's a short video showing the new video board, the ribbon boards as well as the move of the "Welcome to Aggieland" to the Former Students side.

Now here's a link to download the new Intro. It's 60mb, and I haven't seen it up on You Tube yet. I'll embed it when I see it. Until then, "save as" and check them out.

Awesome promo video they showed titled There's a Spirit. File is ~60 MB second download location since rapidshare makes you wait between files:

EDITED ON 9/6 - 9:14 AM
Seems the video is on You Tube now.
They've disabled embedding. Not sure why.

Now for some uploaded pictures of the 12th Man TV

This one seems to be from The Zone.

A shot from the field.

A shot of the 12th Man

A shot of the Former Students

Ribbon boards, moving the "Welcome to Aggieland" sign, as well as some maroon on the 3rd deck facia. Looks great. Great changes. The video board looks clean, classy and smooth.

Now, here's the intro video for t.u. on their new video board. It seems during the intro, it was full screen (took up all the available screen). Near the end of the video, you can see the ads take over and video is relegated to only a small piece of the giant new board.

They new board had been nicknamed "Godzillatron" (obviously because of it's size). It's suppossed to be the largest HD screen in the world. Yup, they're clever up in Austin. Really rolls off the tongue doesn't it?

Here's a still pic.

Yea. More like Adzillatron.

Seriously, it looks like a freakin NASCAR. Can you get anymore ads on that thing?
Oh, and how come you've got 2 4x3 screens side by side. Why isn't it widescreen? Why isn't it in HD?

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