Monday, September 11, 2006

A Weekend in the Holy Land

What a weekend.
College Station was a blast. Great to see my friend Jason again. It's been too long and I will make a trip down to Houston. Sorry for all the shit we gave you for being in MENSA. ...and also for the spit ball.
Thanks to Kyle for letting me crash at his place. For the love of god, please run the vacuum through. The "guest bathroom" also inspired me to never EVER let mine get that bad. Christ that was disgusting.
Thanks to Steve and Kristina for driving and letting me ride. The trip down there and back was pretty quick, and that's cause we were having a great time in the car talking. We should do it again soon.

The game was excellent. Great game to watch at Kyle. The improvements really look excellent. The game was dominating from start to finish. I like the score 51-7. The horns lost, so that was great. UTEP gave tech all they could handle, and should of won that game. Still, a great night.
Here's some highlights from the Aggie game.

Jordan Peterson's Hit (OUCH)

Joey Thomas' Catch (Great F'in Concentration - although it's hard to tell with the quality of the video)

Mike Goodson's Run (He's gonna be great)

A picture from my phone (damnit I need a real camera) of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band! (Whoop!)

Now probably my favorite video. During the game, they showed the new Texas A&M's new recruiting ad campaign on the 12th Man TV. I thought it was a fantastic ad, a huge improvement over what we used to have.
Here's a directlink to it off the Aggie Network web site.

Here it is on You Tube, obviously, it suffers a little in quality, but you don't have to download it.

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