Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The "Pinch Rolled Jean" Look May Be Coming Back

I saw it again this morning on the train to work. It was a young brotha with his jeans sagging and pinch rolled above his Fila hightops.

I wasn't fast enough to get my camera phone out and take a picture. I will try to be better prepared next time to bring you proof.

It seems that fashion flashback has advance up to the '80s. I'm not too sure that I'm excited about this.

UPDATE: 8.30.06; 7:25 AM (Isn't it cooler to put periods in the date instead of hyphens. I think it is.)
Saw him again today. Still had the pinch roll. I even took a picture, but you couldn't see the actual "pinch roll". The sagging jeans were covering it up, and he was already headed in the opposite direction before I can get another shot. I'll try again tomorrow.

UPDATE: 9.8.06; 2:21 PM
I have obtained pictures! Taken yesterday morning, I got a good shot of the offender's jeans while on the escalator.

Now you can laugh with me.

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