Tuesday, August 29, 2006

1st Impressions: Outkast - Idlewood and DMX - AGAIN"

After 1 listen each yesterday, I'm liking both albums. DMX seems a little mellower than what he used to be, which is a shame, cause I like him when he's mad. Of course, he includes a prayer (which I always like) and a song which is like his conversation to (or sometimes with) God. To me, that's usually the highlight of the album. I had to laugh when somebody on the album broke out with the lyrics "Ma ma say, ma ma sa, ma ma ma coo sa".

Outkast's Idlewood, which doubles as a soundtrack to their movie of the same name is something different for them. I believe the movie is set in the Prohibition era, and the 20's-30's era music is exactly what you would think of having heard the cd. The duo always seems to reinvent themselves or try something new and different with each passing album, and this one's no different. I like this new sound. It's catchy as hell and I can see, with a few more listens, these songs would get stuck in my head. The song "Morris Brown" is the single out and it's pretty doing a pretty good job of getting stuck in my head.

I'll definetly give them a few more spins each and hopefully come up with a final review.

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