Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Chuck Palahniuk - Invisible Monster

I finished this on the train to work this morning. Took me a little longer than the previous books because I took some days off and just stared out the window of the train or played my Nintendo DS. Sometimes, I caught a little nap. Anyway.

The last few chapters I read pretty quickly. That was some freakin revelation at the end, that Chuck seems to do rather easily. They "twist" hasn't gotten old for me and this is the 4th book of his I've read. I'm soo engrossed in the book by the time I'm getting near the end, that I'm not looking for a twist. There are people that go into M. Night Shamalan movies lookin for the twist, and I think that takes you out of the movie.

This book, more than any of his others that I've read jumps back and forth in time to tell the story. That in itself makes it a little hard to keep up. The author (or I guess the main charactor Shannon) would say "Jump back to the time I was..." in the middle of a chapter. It's a little hard to get used to, but afterward, you find out that the flashback is helping tell the present story and helping flesh out the main character.

So far I would rank my favorite CP's books as:
Fight Club - I love it. Saw the movie way before the book. The book made it better. Awesome.
Survivor - This definetly needs to be made into a movie next. Excellent book. Fincher, where are you?
Invisible Monster - I liked it alot. A little easier to understand the theme in this book than in Choke. The twist at the end was excellent. I could see this one as a movie, but it would need a great director to help flesh it out so it would work as a movie.
Choke - Not quite as good as the others, but that's mainly cause I didn't quite understand the theme of the book and what the author was trying to say. Some great "LOL" moments as well as some cringe worthy and shocking moments in this one as well. The twist (although this one should probably be called a reveal), wasn't as exciting as in the other books. Still, a good worthwhile read.

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