Wednesday, August 02, 2006

GTA: Saint's Row

I played the demo last night, downloading it off of Marketplace. It was a fun time, but I think my title describes this game perfectly. That's what they should of called this game. It's pretty much a rip off of GTA. Even most of the controls are the same. The shooting mechanic is done a little bit better than the GTA series does it. The driving is much improved, as it seems they've installed what would be called a navagation system on the map, showing you where turn on the map and everything. The difference in handling and sound of each car is minimal, but that may be contributed to the demo. We'll see how the final game comes out. There are not helicopters or motorcycles in the game though, so that's a bummer. The health system is a little different, as in I found it much harder to die than GTA. The language and humor is very similar to what you heard and saw in San Andreas (Freckle Bitch being what they called "Wendy's".
I will probably end up picking up this game, baring any reviews completely blasting this game, as I liked what I played and I like the type of game this is. It should hold me over until Oct. 2007 when GTA IV comes out.

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