Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Dark Knight

Take a first look at the Joker, revealed on a website about a week or so ago.

That's freaking creepy man. I'm realling loving Christopher Nolan's vision right now. "Batman Beyond" was damn near perfection, and "The Dark Knight" is shaping up to be just as good.(Don't worry, I'm keeping my expectations in check. Hi Spidey 3, I see you there.)

For those not well versed in the art of the internets, here's where that image came from.

The Dent site (as in Harvey Dent...aka Two Face...or is it 2Face kinda like 2Pac? hmmm...anyway) appeared normally, then there was an alternate site where the Joker was meant to have hacked and manipulated Dent’s campaign image. Beneath it the Joker face was slowly revealed over the course of the weekend, pixel by pixel. Above is the final product.

A few days later, the I Believe in Harvey Dent Too was changed to say "page not found" on the website. If you highlight the black background and collect the letters that aren't H and A, the hidden letters spell out "See you in December" There, I just saved you about 30 minutes.

Now here's a look of the Joker in action. Not a super revealing shot, but you didn't expect them to actually show you the Joker so early in production of the movie did you? Silly. Notice that f'in smile that seems to go to his ears. By the way, damn that camera is big. But of coursewe all know that size doesn't matter.

Take a look at one of the "henchman". Damn, now I'm beginning to see why some people are scared of clowns. Still, I'll continue to point and laugh at them because they are inferior people.
Notice the "IMAX" tag in the corner? Yup, they're shooting a few scenes in the movie specifically for IMAX. Cool eh?

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