Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy 30th Birthday Star Wars!

(Cool pic eh? Shamelessy stolen from somewhere on the internet)

In honor of the anniversary, I thought I would throw up this little article I found on how the Prequel Trilogy changes the Original Trilogy. Nerdy? Sure, but at least I'm not talking about prime numbers or some shit. Now that would just be rediculous.

A New Sith, or Revenge of the Hope. Reconsidering Star Wars IV in the light of I-III

Well it seems that somebody put some thought into that article. This is something that I had read about earlier in the year (1.23.07....yea, why didn't I put that up earlier? Or did I? Time to check the archives...). Guess now would be as good as any time to share. Better late than never...or some other cliche you feel would be appropriate.

Some of my personal highlights from the article that made me laugh.

Then, on the verge of escape, Vader himself turns up only yards from both of his children, one of whom is leaking Force all over the place.

Chewie's first problem is what is happening between Luke and Leia. With a psychic link they can feel but don't understand, thrown together in a life-or-death escape, they are looking at each other with a sparky intensity that Chewie gradually recognises as Romantic Tension. He's no expert on human relationships but Chewie is fairly sure that that's Wrong, so he does the only thing he can under the circumstances - he throws Han at her. Han is at first not interested but after a while starts to warm to the idea with an intensity that gives Chewie new worries.

Now check out the sneak peak for the Clone Wars series that is in CG this time, although it keeps the same art style that they previously had. Looks promising. I've read that it's going to be a full 30 minute (err...22 point whatever know what I mean) episodes. Not sure where the story is going to pick up because when we last left the cartoon series, it lead right into Revenge (yea, I'm down to 1 word names with the series).

Some shots from the teaser

I dig the art style although the "human" characters do look a little weird. Yoda seems to resemble the Clone War Cartoons the most.

Now the YouTube embed for the lazy (although I recommend going through the link posted above, for quality reasons).

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