Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Heroes Season Finale

So what did you think about the Heroes season finale? My reaction? A bit anticlimatic. I expected more from the Peter / Sylar fight. For those that have seen it, (I'm in a bit of a good mood, so I won't spoil it) I assume Hiro froze time?
Her Reaction:

Wow! Seems my opinion differs a little bit from how Hayden Panettiere feels about it. Well I wonder how she feels know what....nevermind. I'm not that clever, so here are some pics of her licking stuff. Yea, that's right she licks stuff. Why? I dunno. My guess is she's on something. She's gotta be right? Who in their right mind would lick the Stanley Cup? Has she seen what happens when people win that thing? I'm just looking out for her. She won't be licking for long if she puts it in the wrong places. (f'in quotable line if I ever saw one)

Can't blame her for this one. I mean she's got the right idea, it's just that she's a little impatient and can't wait to take the wrapper off. Like when Cinnaburst gum first came out and you could convince people to eat that "waxy" paper that came with the gum. Fun times...
Eh, I got nothin' for this one except that "there's fucking 2 of them!"
Um, yes that's very nice.... Now smell her a little...wait we're way past that stage.

Alright, now back to the important stuf...yea, whatever. I couldn't finish that sentence either. Season 1 of Heroes was fantastic and was my second favorite show this year behind Friday Night Lights. I'm really looking forward to the HD DVD release just to rewatch them all in HD. That and not having to wait weeks for the next episode will be great.

The pics, well that was a lame excuse to post pictures of the girl just licking stuff. Hell, do I even need a reason to post pictures of hot blondes licking stuff? Yea, I thought soo.

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