Friday, May 25, 2007

Pole Vaulting is Fun

Well, I don't know about fun, but it seems to become a whole lot more popular as a picture of a high school (or is she now in college?) has been making the rounds on the internets. Stolkers are running amock (I don't think I would ever use that word in regular conversation, but it's free game on my blog...! That's how I role)). Allison Stokke has gotten so popular (for better or for worse) that she's got fan clubs poping up.

Yea, just do a Google Search for her name and see how many hits show up (188,000...looks like I'm becoming part of the problem instead of the mom would be soo proud!) No Seriously. This 18 year old (I think...shit I hope or else this is a little weird) from Newport, California (damn, I really wish I had grown up around there) has been appearing on message boards across the interweb. Her picture showed up at a few message boards I read and these boards are nowhere related.

A Facebook Group dedicated to her.
A MySpace Group dedicated to her.

Now for the pics, cause I mean really, the blog post looks weird with no pictures.

My favorite and the most popular one. She almost looks like a superhero.

Damn girl, been working out those traps?

Flying through the air upside down? Maybe she is a superhero. This one actually looks like fun. I wonder what she's thinking at this point.

I imagine this is the hardest part to get used to in polevault. For the rest of your Stokke fix, JACKPOT! A collection of pictures.

Hey waddya know, there's even a YouTube video where she's interviewed. No wonder this girls famous.

Cute girl. Is it me or does she kinda talk outta the side of her mouth? No big deal.

...and now it makes headlines that she doesn't like the attention. RAH-ROO!

Now with all that attention, is she actually a good pole vaulter? Seems so. The article linked above says she won the state competition (California) in 2004. Can't seem to find anything more recent. She's cleared at least 13"-6" as a freshman, which is pretty damn good considering the 2004 Olympic winner in Athens was Yelena Isinbayeva (Rus) with a height of 4.91m (16.1 feet....for those of you who can't do the conversion in your head. I can which makes me better than you. Eat it!). Oh by the way, did you see where it said she's a 4.0 student?

Wonder if we'll see her in Beijing in 2008? Hope so. I like watching the track and field in the Summer Olympics. Hopefully we have somebody else to root for.

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