Monday, May 21, 2007

Origami Robot

Mr. Torimoto vs Solidworks - FREE Origami Robot

Learned about this deal about a month ago, maybe even earlier than that. Didn't think much of it, I was just signing up for some free shit. Come to find out, more people than me Couple of days ago, I was chastised this weekend for not telling people about it. Apparently, paper robots are more popular with my friends that I thought. LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERYDAY!

So in an attempt to right some karma (see previous post about life not being fair) here's the link....again. Click the big red button that says "Get Your Free Robot"

Once you click the big red button that says "Get Your Free Robot"
Fill out the form, wait a few weeks, receive the weird package that you won't recognize. Open it, then get totally confused by the instructions.

Congratulations you'll be totally caught up.

I also recommend watching the video of the guy folding the paper versus the computer using one of their solidworks programs, which looks very similar to autoCAD. It's kinda funny.

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