Monday, June 25, 2007

My Weekend Movie Review Google Image Search. Well sort of. I'm going to review these movies in 1 word. Then I will Google Image search that work, and post the 1st thing that comes up. Sound rediculous? Well yea...but to make it fun, I'm going to not tell you the "word" I used. You'll have to guess. How's dem apples taste now? Delicious? huh? Ok, then give me one...

Underworld Evolution

(This one was a bit hard, as I wanted to keep it clean this time, so I broke my own rule. Oh well. Suddenly i have a craving for a Coke...ahem a Diet Coke.)

Knocked Up
(This one is just random. Really, really random. But hey, that's what Google gave me.)

Munich (Is the pic small enough...jeez)

Glory Road (Yea, this one's kinda a gimmie. Still, the picture is hilarious.)

Ocean's 13
Actually, I think this one can go either way....and we'll probably accept either way.

This is one that a friend at work wanted me to watch. Wow was it bad. Bad as in a cheezy (oops...did I give away the picture?) '80's movie that you want to laugh at. Funny, it's got Tom Cruise and Tim Curry (Who? yea...apparently he's a big deal) in it and I wanna say that was Sloan from Ferris Bueller as well, but I'm not sure. Oh, and it is directed by Ridley Scott. Yea, that Ridley Scott. Maybe I should of been on something...'shrooms, LSD, weed? Any suggestions?

Wow. That's way too many movies for one weekend. I have a life. I promise I do...

P.S. I know what you're thinking. If he wasn't brown skinned... he'd be as pale as ... as...well shit I dunno.

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