Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cause I Know Somebody Cares...

I was A&M, he was LSU.

Final score: boogieman187 10 vs. Volpride03 27

Statistics boogieman187 Volpride03
Rushing attempts for 14 3
Rushing yards for 22 -28
Passing attempts for 25 35
Passing yards for 195 242
Punts 3 3
Field goals for 1 2
Long field goals (40+) for 1 0
Times player went for two 0 0
Rushing touchdowns for 0 1
Passing touchdowns for 1 2
Returns touchdowns for 0 0
Defensive touchdowns for 0 0
Turnovers for 2 3
Interceptions for 2 1
Sacks for 3 5
Number of third downs 8 7
Third down conversions 1 1
Fourth down rushing plays 1 0
Fourth down passing plays 0 1
No-huddle plays 2 1
Audibles called 4 1
Hot routes used 3 4
Scrambles 0 0
Shotgun plays 26 36
Time of possession 10:33 9:31

Favorite offensive play book Texas A&M Tennessee

It was closer than the score seems. I was down 13-10, in the middle of the fourth with the ball, somewhere around the 30. I have my speed qb (Jerrod Johnson) in for a speed option play, and I let him keep it and take it upfield. He ends up fumbling and I lose the ball. LSU drives down and scores a touchdown.

Next possession, times getting critical, and I start moving the ball downfield by passing. I end up throwing an interception, which he ends up running back to the 2 yard line cause that's when my qb (McGee) finally decided to push him out of bounds (for some reason, it wouldn't let me switch to him). Of course LSU punches it in for the score.

Another close game lost for me. I fall to 1-4 in the league (I didn't think I was that bad), although I play tOSU next week, and he's arguably worse than me.

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