Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Through the 1st 10 Chapters....

and I'm f'in hooked. There's alot of ground to cover and so far, Rowling hasn't disappointed. I think my mouth was open the entire 5th chapter. If this is fake, it's an amazing fake and I'll have the pleasure of reading the book with fresh eyes on Saturday. If not, then I'll happily read it again. Somehow, I was actually pretty productive at work today, which is amazing as I seemed to have been glued to my computer most of the day.

Sadly, it seems that the "haxors" have let me down. I expected the rest of the book to be transfered to txt/pdf by the time I got home, because I can't read those jpgs. Actually, I can read some of it fine, but you can't make out all the words, especially near the spine. It's painful on the eyes. Do you want to read 784 pages of this?

Spoil this for me, and I promise I'll kill you, bring you back to life, just so I can kill you again.
Hook me up with the remaining book, and I'll be your best friend for ever (Four-EV-VOR! FOUR-EV-VOR! FOUR-EV-VOR!)

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