Friday, July 06, 2007

Quick Thoughts

I'm this close to just calling it a day due to lack of interest. Actually, I was about to do this an hour ago. Today sucks. I wanna go lay down.

Apparently, I'm still stuck on the Sopranos Finale. Today at Potbelly's, they (actually it was one lonely white guy...who was playing the last time we went there) were playing the acoustic version of "Don't Stop" when I had another thought on the finale. Ugh. Fuck you David Chase. I thought Bob Harris's blog put that to bed for me.

Speaking of Potbelly''s not as good as everybody makes it out to be. Seriously. I don't get all the love people have for it. It's 11:30 and there's a line to the fucking door already. Can you say overrated? I know I can. And what the fuck is up with that tiny ass drink? I've got to get up 3 times for refils before I finish my sandwich. That oatmeal choclate chip cookie is pretty good though. You do get credit there.

Fuck you stomach for acting all upset on me. You're pissing me off.

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