Friday, July 20, 2007


Spent the rest of the day yesterday, from the time I got home to about 2 in the morning reading. (I spent Wednesday at work (in my free time mind you) reading 1-10, then Thursday at work (again free time) reading the next bit that was released 11-21 (although I only made it to 18 before I went home.) By the time I got home, the whole thing had been transcribed to PDF, so I stayed up late trying to finish. Couldn't do it. I was left with about 3 chapters, including the epilogue, to finish, so I had to fit that in between some work. But now it's done. Boy what a ride. Although, now that I'm done, I'm a little sad. The adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermione are over. There are still the movies, which are good, but just not as good as the books (although that's pretty common).

The book itself was great and alot of fun to read. It was long, but there was a lot of ground to cover. The action starts almost immediately. There's a few downspots in the book, but they don't last very long. Congrats (and Thanks!) to Rowling, who created a pretty special, intricate world and is probably swiming in money like Scrooge McDuck.

Now that I'm done, I'm relieved. It's safe to go on to the interweb again. People, who have no interest in the book, are being assholes trying to ruin this for everybody else. It's gotten pretty bad too. I was browsing some Simpson YouTube videos (trying to find the one where Burns goes..."Ketchup....Catsup....) and some ass hole spoils the book listing who dies and plot summaries. Lucky for me, I finished reading the pdf this morning, but still what a douche. Oh, and if you're planning to ride by a Barnes and Noble and scream out spoilers, you deserve to be kicked in the junk. There's a special spot in hell reserved for you. You know who I'm talking about too.

I'll be picking up the book (the real thing) on the way to work Saturday (ugh!) and reading it again, slower this time trying to pick up more details (and checking to see if the PDF that I read was the real thing). It will also give me a chance to look through the other six books for references, names, etc.

Now I need another series of books to read through. Any suggestions?

To the group that calls themselves "Don't Stop Believing", thanks for your work. Reading the PDF was soo much easier than trying to read those jpgs. I couldn't put it down. Thanks to those that hosted, seeded and transcribed it. You've helped save people from getting the book spoiled.

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