Monday, March 26, 2007

SNL was actually funny this weekend?

(I had to edit the title. "SNL had another funny sketch" made it sound like they have funny sketches pretty consistently.) Some alternatives I came up with:

  • SNL & Funny Sketch: 2 Words that usually aren't found in the same sentance.
  • STOP THE PRESS!! SNL WAS FUNNY? (Slight variation, but I think it also works)

Anyway. SNL actually did it again. (Sad when SNL makes headlines for actually being funny) Peyton Manning helped bring the funny to SNL in the first sketch after the monologue, which is usually the "fake commercial" spot. Still, it made me laugh. Luckily, I changed the channel halfway into the next sketch. Terrible. (not Peyton's fault. He's working with shitty material.)

Peyton also decent monologue, which got pretty funny when he poked fun at his mom.

Oh yea, and who fucking knew Carrie Underwood was this hot. Jesus

Song 2 of the night.

Say what you will about the music, but she's smoking hot.

Life's not fair.

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