Thursday, July 20, 2006

Very Cool Picture

Remember Mike Folsum, the 1st Aggie Grad in space? Sure you do, the Discovery mission has been making headlines almost every day. Well, while on the job, apparently he had a little time to goof off. Check it out.
See the larger version here:
In the picture you can see part of the International Space Station, astronaut Piers Sellers, and that little piece of land we like to call Earth. All that from the reflection of the visor of Michael Fossum.

I'm always amazed at how white the suit looks. It's in very stark contrast to the darkness (Darkness is spreading!) of space. Also, I know there's a reason, but why can't you see any of the stars in space like you can see them on Earth out in the country on a clear night?
Anyways, very cool picture.

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