Thursday, July 06, 2006


I liked Click. I did. My brother and I were trying to catch the Imax showing of Superman, which was freakin sold out...again. Every showing Wednesday was sold out. Unbelieveable. (Actually, it's quite believable. There's only 2 Imax theaters in the whole damn state. Hopefully, we can catch it next weekend, since Pirates 2 is coming out.) Click was barely going to start the previews and it was the only movie either of us had not watched. So I bought the tickets and we headed in. It was a a spur of the moment thing,
As a quick side note, this Cinemark allowed you to buy a pizza and bring it in to the theater, which smelled so good we tried to get one as well. 10 minute wait = nevermind.
The movie was good. It was an Adam Sandler movie ( and by that, I mean one of his Happy Madison Productions, not Spanglish or Punch Drunk Love), so by now, you should know what to expect. If you liked Big Daddy, then I think you'll like this movie. The movie was funny. Not all the funny parts were used in the trailers (thank the lord). Chris Walken is great in this one. Kate Beckinsale brings all the hotness you would expect, except her accent. The movie also had a point/message to give to you, which maybe a little heavy handed, but it's a good message. I'm just not sure I was happy with the ending. With the way it ended, that really makes Chris Walken's character pointless doesn't it? Also, Rob Schneider does have a hilarious part in the beginning. I didn't catch many other of Sandler's buddies in this one. His dog does make it into the movie though.

Anyways, it was definetly worth the full price ticket (they don't do student discounts!). I'll probably add this one to the DVD Collection.

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