Wednesday, July 19, 2006

NCAA 2007 1st Impressions

This is the actual cover I went with. Had to give it to my man Justin Warren. Big things from him this year. BIG THINGS.

Yup. Picked up the 360 version yesterday and was able to sneak in a late game (1 am) after I got home from Superman.

Kyle Field looks excellent. The crowd is wearing white when it should be wearing Maroon. Still don't have Yell Leaders (and yet the horn mascot was there :furious ). They'll have to update the stadium again for next year's version as they're installing a new massive hd video board. Otherwise, the stadium looks great.

The game seems more polished than the demo, leading me to believe that it was an early demo (rumored to be the E3 demo) we were playing. I noticed a few hiccups through the game, nothing worse than a dvd layer change.

Yea, I agree that the "jumping the player when he's down" annimation was a bit overused. Nothing to worry about though.

Huge playbooks. Lots of variety. I wish we had the trick plays in this version, but to tell you the truth, I probably wouldn't use them that often. I very very very rarely ran any kind of reverse in previous versions.

I do miss the stadium pulse and the impact player features. Those should of been in there.

The momentum meter was ok. I had it going for me in the 1st half of the game (scored 28 pts) and then was ice cold in the 2nd (0 pts). That may have been cause the cpu had the momentum after a long td run and then picking up my qb's fumble and returning it. Not totally sure about this feature yet. I'll have to play a few more games.

Didn't get to try online , but it doesn't surprise me that the EA servers were down.

I need to work on the running game a little more. I had some success, but then I was getting stuffed later in the game. I need to adjust to the new controls, as that was screwing me up some.

Hopefully this weekend I can meet some of you online.

P.S. Superman Returns on 3D Imax kicked serious ass. More Impressions on that later.

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