Friday, July 28, 2006

Chuck Palahniuk's Survivor

What an amazing book. I just finished it up this morning on the train ride to work. It was a great book with a pretty satisified ending. I'll make you highlight SPOILER ALERT!: I thought he went down with the plane. I was left pretty satisfied with how it ended. I figured he finally was "free". Then I got to work and decided to look for a review or a website (funny how I always tend to end up at a message board) that talked about the book. In it were some theories that really made me think. Also, apparently there's a secret ending that was not in the book. SPOILER ALERT!: Tender survives. He dictates his story to the cassette recorder mentioned on page 7 or 8, then jumps out with one of the parachutes he got when he let the passengers off. He leaves the cassette recorder talking to the black box. The recorder won't survive the plane crash. Now I may have to go back through and look for the clues it mentions. Great stuff. Overall, it took me about a week to read.

I've read that a movie was in production (maybe in preproduction) until the 2 planes crashed into the Twin Towers, which pretty much landed the project on the shelf (I'm not quite sure if that pun was intentional...). I can understand why that happened, but hopefully the movie will eventually get made. It's just too good of a story not to turn it into a movie. I've been trying to assign actors to the roles in the book. I think Ed Norton could pull of the main character pretty easily, but then again, maybe they don't want him to do another Palahniuk book. I was thinking maybe Matthew McConaughey could do the role of Tender. Maybe Kate Winslet as Fertility? Or how about Lauren Ambrose? I dunno.
Now I have to decide which book of Chuck's I want to read next, Choke or Invisible Monster. Any advice?

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