Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Drillbit Taylor

One of the perks with my new hours is that I get to do stuff during the day...something pretty foreign to me as I'm usually at work. Well I decided to catch up on a movie I've wanted to see but haven't gotten around to it.

Funny little thing about seeing a movie at 12PM on a weekday (not summer), you're the only one in there. It's actually kinda odd. Not sure if they were expecting anyone at that time, since their machine was down. If I would of played my cards right, I could of gotten in for free....but the dumbass in me said I had a card and they were able to swipe it. EFFFF!

Gotta say I enjoyed it. Some really funny parts. I plan to torture/harass somebody the way they did it in the movie.Best way to describe the movie would be sort of like a Superbad lite. Funny little movie, with Owen Wilson being the worst part. I found him kind of Anyong (Hello!). The short fat kid was funny. He's like a younger version of Jonah Hill....except from the east maybe brooklyn, except not.

P.S. I'd put up a picture or poster of this movie on this post, but they all no dice.

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