Friday, April 11, 2008

I Might Have To Choke A Bitch

Seriously, I just might. My superitendent won't shut the fuck up this morning. He's in and out of the office and just keeps on rambling about all kinds of bullshit. Oh, and he's complaining about actually having to do his job. I'm this fucking close to starting something, and in my head, we've already had it out...

So there's that. Oh and my computer mouse is being a dildo (would that qualify as a South Park reference?...I dunno) and won't fucking cooperate either.

If I make it 3 more hours without committing a crime, it will be quite a feat.

Seriously, check on me later this afternoon to make sure they didn't throw me in military jail.

Here's hoping I can drown all this out with my iPod.

P.S. Oh and holy Chripes does the intwebs fucking sucks between 3-6 AM. Amazing.

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