Sunday, April 22, 2007

For the Paranoid

Here's a site that will really get your paranoia going.

Global Incident Map

Cool site that has a map showing you locations of "incidents". You can click on the icon to get more information, then it even has a url that you can click on to get a real story. Pretty cool stuff.

According to the map, America is fraked. Seriously. We should all just give out now. Look at all those litte markers. As of this post, it seems the safest place to be may be in South America. Maybe Russia? Shit, I'll take my chances in South America instead of Siberia. We'll see what changes in the next 400 seconds when it updates itself. Not sure how accurate this site is. It seems to list every "unexplained" event that most people don't here about. Still, fun little time waster.

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