Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Road Trip Music

So, Tuesday night befor I left, I stopped by Best Buy for some new music. Needed to make sure I had plenty of new stuff to listen to on my way down to Laredo.

Jay-Z - Kingdom Come
Another good to great album (The Black Album I consider to be Excellent). There's a few songs that I already love. "Do U Wanna Ride", with John Legend has quickly become my favorite, followed by "Anything" with "Us-her-Ra-ym-ond, Skateboard P and the J to the A to the Y to the Z." The Dre track 30 Something is also pretty good. Hollywood with Beyonce I like, but it's got a showtune chorus, so I'm not sure how manly you can be singing to that one. Either way, it's catchy as hell. Really good album and I highly recommend it.

Snoop Dogg - Blue Carpet Treatment
Sadly, I'm not that impressed with the Dre & Snoop track "Imagine". "Vato" with B-Real and "That's That Shit" with R Kelly are the singles you've probably heard, and they're both good. The 2 songs with Akon, "Boss Life" and "I Wanna Fuck You" are probably getting the most play from me. "LAX" with Cube is pretty good as is Gangbangin 101 with name dropper himself The Game. Overall, i'm happy with this release from Snoop.

Regina Spektor - Begin to Hope
Man o' man is this a nice album. Fidelity has to have one of, if not the most cathiest hook there is. Love that..A ah A ah.. aw hell I don't know how to type that out. Just look it up on Myspace or something. It's pretty good. Samson is another song I had previously heard from her that I also really liked. She's a singer songwriter, very much in the vain of Fionna Apple i think, although she's not as emotionally conflicted. I'll have to check, but I think "Hotel Song" is another one I liked.

Thanks to my friend Matt for writing about her in his blog Stay Classy Dallas and giving us a download. I like that you introduce me to new music, and yet you probably don't know it yet.

Up next, I'm hoping to get to Beck's "The Information", along with Chingy's "Hoodstar" as well as some other one's I've downloaded: Ok Go and Neutral Milk Hotel. I think I'll end up getting Incubus' "Light Grenades" before I make another music post.

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