Saturday, November 18, 2006

3 More Cd Recommendations

Alright, time to talk about what I've been listening to lately. I finally bought an external hard drive about 3 weeks ago, so after moving some stuff around, I finally had space to rip new Cd's to my Ipod. I've bought quite a few Cd's lately, many on release day, but due to limited hard drive space, I haven't had a chance to listen to them. These 3 were ones that I really was curious to hear.
The Roots - Game Theory:
I've been a fan of the roots since Phrenology. The single "The Seed 2.0" became an instant favorite of mine and still occupies a top spot in my "Most Often Played" playlist. I came to love that Cd. I was a little disappointed in The Tipping Point, partially because I had high expectations for it, but also for the uneveness of the cd. The single "Don't Say Nothin' " was great as was "Be Cool". I think Game Theory is better than Tipping Point, but not as good as Phrenology. The cd starts out great, lags a bit in the middle, then finishes up strong (look out for "Can't Stop This". I really need to give this cd a few more listens, and give star ratings to my favorite songs so I can remember the names.
John Legend - Once Again

Probably my favorite new artist of last year, I loved "Get Lifted" the first time I heard it. "I Can Change" is the most often played song on my music collection (of course, this is all since I started using an Ipod and Itunes). I was eagerly anticipating John Legend's newest album, and I say it doesn't disappoint. While I think "Get Lifted" had more of an R&B flavor (or in this case, shouldn't I say flava), Once Again seems to lean to more towards the soul genre. I talked about "Save Room" back when it was released as a single. While still great, I think PDA has become my favorite song of the album. The tune was stuck in my head for weeks and it seems to have found it's way to my MySpace (there's got to be a better way to stay that). Stereo is also another personal favorite with a very infectious chorus (damn that sounds like a medical problem).

Audioslave - Revelations

Audioslave is probably the most consistent, and arguably the best band out there right now. The past 2 cd's were great and you could easily listen to them all the way through. I'm sure by now you've heard "Original Fire". While it's a great single, "Like a Stone" from the first album is still my favorite by the band (there's an interesting story that goes along with Like a Stone, that I'll save for another time). Anyway, the entire cd is pretty damn good. This time, the bad goes a little more soulful, instead of straight rock. It's a nice change a pace, without deviating too much. Tom Morello's solos have also been toned down, and blend into the song alot better than before. A worthy cd to pickup, even at full price.

Up next....I've been listening to the new acoustic album from the Foo Fighters, "Skin and Bones", as well as Lupe Fiasco's "Food & Liquor". I also plan to get The Game's "Doctor's Advocate this week as well."

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