Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Burger King Video Games

Picked up these 3 games yesterday from Burger King for 4 bucks each (with value meal). Funny thing is, the manager didn't want to sell them to me all together. He wanted me to come back 2 more times, buying 1 game each time. F' That. Like that was going to happen.
Anyway, I finally got him to sell them to me. Here are some quick impressions.

Sneak King was ok. Pretty funny to play. You're just basically sneaking up behind people, to give them food. The bigger the surprise, the more points you get. Don't walk into their vision cone, or your multiplyer (the amount of people you surprise in a row) goes back to zero. The animation is a little slow, so that annoyed me. Other than that, it was ok. Not feeling gyped (see what I did there, I didn't use Jewed, family friendly blog here....) outta my 4 bucks.
Pocket Bike Racer may be the best of the lot. It's actually pretty fun, and I could see it being even better with friends or onlive. Think of a cheaper version of Mario Kart. Oh and the computer as the King is definetly cheap. I think this one will get the most play.
I'll didn't get a chance to try out Big Bumpin' so I'll post impressions of that later.

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