Monday, August 11, 2008

Swimming just got alot more exciting!

and there was no shark in the water.

and there was no shark in the water.

The French said they would smash the Americans in the race. They were the favorites and they had the World Rercord Holder swimming anchor.

The French World Record Holder was caught in the last 50M.

(This is suppossed to be a gif. Sure wish blogger would allow us to post those)

Watch it at the link above. It's actually pretty intense. The announcer pretty much writes the US off. The crowd knows better.

The race was soo fast, that the top 5 teams all broke the world record.

That's what you get for talking shit Frenchies!

Suck on that!

Micheal Phelps quest for 8 Golds stays alive, and this race was probably his biggest challenge. These relays are pretty intense and should keep you interested until Track starts in the 2nd week.

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