Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Discovered a New Site

...for you to waste your time on it. It involves reading though (I know that excludes like 3/4 of you who are just here for the pictures.

The Foggy Monocle seems to be a site where people post their instant messanger conversations. Found the site thanks to Film Drunk. Anyways, here's the conversation.

atGirl: OMG OMG OMG, i’m so glad you’re back in town
CatWoman: me too! what have you been doing without me?
BatGirl: oh wow. what a loaded question.
BatGirl: so, that guy
BatGirl: the friend of the friend, with the creepy moustache?
CatWoman: yeah? the one you met at Anton’s* place?
BatGirl: hahahahaha. yes. vladimer*.
BatGirl: so, he finally got the balls to ask me out on a proper date
CatWoman: way to finally man up..
BatGirl: and, seeing as my love life has been lackluster of late, to say the least
BatGirl: i agreed.
CatWoman: what did he plan for you kids?
BatGirl: we went to see the dark knight.
CatWoman: typical… blahhhhh
BatGirl: christian bale….heath ledger…i could think of worst things
BatGirl: followed by drinks and lively conversation
BatGirl: and more drinks
BatGirl: i believe irish car bombs were involved. which never lead to good decisions.
CatWoman: they call it a bomb for a reason
BatGirl: oh god yeah they do
BatGirl: so, a few dozen drinks later
BatGirl: and going back to vladimer’s place doesn’t seem like a bad idea
BatGirl: creepy moustache and all
CatWoman: did it tickle?
BatGirl: yes.

BatGirl: now, i should preempt the following segment of the story by saying that he really loved the dark knight.
BatGirl: like, REALLY loved the dark knight.
CatWoman: yeah, most people do
BatGirl: i thought nothing of it, i enjoy a good comic book movie like the next gal
CatWoman: word
BatGirl: but, his apartment may or may not have been a shrine to Marvel
BatGirl: which i only vaguely remember due to aforementioned bombs.
CatWoman: oh dear…
BatGirl: so, things get going. you know i’m not shy in these matters
BatGirl: at some point, i JOKINGLY reference batman, or something of that nature
BatGirl: which really got him going. this should have been a warning signal.
BatGirl: at this point, things took a terrible turn….let’s just say a mask was involved (which I wore), and a cape (which he wore)
CatWoman: holy car bombs, batman!
BatGirl: hahahahaha
CatWoman: wait, was there spandex involved in this “game”?
BatGirl: oh god. i don’t even know if i want to keep talking about it.
CatWoman: what’s the scenario here?
BatGirl: now you’re just being crass.
CatWoman: i HAVE to know now…
BatGirl: a batlady doesn’t tell
BatGirl: hold on, gotta open the door downstairs for someone.
CatWoman: noooooooooooooooo…
CatWoman: you can’t keep me in suspense like this
BatGirl: hahahahaha, that’s appropriate given the situation
BatGirl: so, it was basically comic-con 08
BatGirl: comic-cum 08, maybe.
BatGirl: jesus, did i just say that?
BatGirl: i’m so ashamed.
CatWoman: Dayam!
CatWoman: so does that mean there’s going to be date numero dos in the future?
BatGirl: yeah, when gotham city freezes over
CatWoman: Oh

Which, after reading this, makes me ponder the idea of growing a mustache. Not a weak as 'stache like Pedro from Napolean, but like a full blown porn 'stache like Mark Spitz or something. (Weird reference I know, but I'm on Olympics withdrawl)

Enjoy the site.

Scouraging the internets....so you don't have to.

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