Friday, September 07, 2007

Kanye West's Graduation

First off, which is the correct album cover? I do like the first one more, as it keeps the continuity going.

Early listen to the album coming out next Tuesday (which I guess would make this sorta ice cold....but then it's been leaked for about a week, so we're back to being piss warm...all depends on your point of view, eh Old Man Kenobi?)

I've got Homecoming (with Chris Martin....Coldplay guy) stuck in my head and quickly has become my favorite track. Stronger is the single you've probably already heard. I like it, but then again, i'm not quite tired of it, as I haven't listened (scratch that, don't listen) to the radio all that much. Champion is another pretty solid song, although it's got a bit in the chorus that I can see getting anyong (Hello!). The song that really caught my attention though was Big Brother, where he raps about Jay-Z. Pretty cool song. I wasn't all that impressed with Can't Tell Me Nothing. Not even the remix did anything for me on the 1st listen. We'll see what happens after a few more spins.

Looks like Kanye's got another hit on his hands. I am curious to see if his CD or 50's will sell better next week. I haven't heard anything of of 50's new one, Curtis.

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