Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I actually felt stupid for buying it yesterday, mainly because of the cause, but when I got home last night and opened it, I thought it was money well spent.

It's bigger than I thought (Yes, that's what she said...ha ha're very funny)

It's well built. Not particularly heavy, but not flimsy either. It's solid. Does not feel cheap at all.

It's cool seeing Master Chief's helmet 6 inches from your face (That's what she said!...ok that one is kinda funny)

Very Impressive

Cool thing is it comes with a slip cover, and when you put it on over the helmet, it looks like a ninja.

P.S. Seeing that I didn't take these pictures, that I took them of the interwebs, it's come to my attention (AGAIN!) that I need a digital camera. I must be the last person on earth that doesn't have one. I think my AMEX points may be put to use real soon.

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