Monday, December 11, 2006

Ok, so I'm probably done with Strip Clubs Now

All thanks to this message board I found today.


Here are some notable comments from the thread I just linked to.

Yesterday at work I was dealing with this really arrogant, over-the-top touchy/feely as-hole....

He actually wanted a few dances. Ok, at least I'll make some cash for putting up with this guy...

So for whatever reason, I had REALLY bad gas! They type you can't hold back, etc. I figured, eh, the music is loud enough, what the hell! It was great. I probably farted on this guy three times. Not loud so he could hear, but enough to where I could tell what was going on.

I honestly feel bad for his pants! *hehe, go ahead, try grabbing my boob again *ph-ffffffff-----bbbtt!**

Nice. Now to get away with that, the stripper better be hot as hell. Sadly, after looking through the forum, I don't think that was the case. The guy was probably just a giant douche.

Check out this next comment.

Bwahahaha we don't have lapdances here, but I've been known to go over where guys are sitting on the tiprail and fart when they're being assholes. My fav is a girl I work with though, she walks over to where the guys are, farts, and then goes to the other side of the stage for a minute and dances...then comes back and exclaims loudly "OMG what is that SMELL???"

Wow. What a mega mega biatch. Pretty funny though, if you're watching from a distance.

Here's the gem from the entire thread. I don't think I could stop laughing if this one ever happened in front of me.

Yenk got it! haha we have been calling that crop-dusting at our clubs forever now. I seriously wish I could fart more and the only thing funnier than walking past tables with heads at "ass" level is that you guys get to do it right in their laps. I'm jealous

I do remember the story that the housemom Babs @ Cheetah tells tho, you have to be careful ladies. When she was Mom at Gold Club a girl was dancing on top of a table full of guys when she accidentally dropped a milk-dud right in the middle of the table. She told Babs (between tears and sobs) that she thought she only had to fart, she was seriously distraught over it poor thing

As Borat would say....Niiiice.

I think I may have found my New Years Resolution.

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