Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hello Aggie Basketball...

It's been a while, but it's time you get some attention. We've been a little busy with football, but last night you had a Nationally (or was it well it sounds better the other way) televised non conference game. When's the last time that happened?

Well I use the term televised loosely, as I didn't get to see the 1st half. It seems that FSW had to show the Mavs game until it ended, which meant we missed the entire 1st half. Oh well, Dave and Dave isn't to bad to listen to during basketball season. At least this Saturday's UCLA game will be televised on CBS in its entirety.

For a while there, it seemed that Dwayne Wade was playing for LSU. Anytime Davis touched the ball, they called a foul on A&M. It was quite impressive that they protect him that much, considering he's the biggest guy on the court. It's really anyong (yes, that's intentional as it's an Arrested Development joke) because he got the same treatment last year in the NCAA tournament.

I won't put all the blame on refs though. We didn't shoot the ball very well. I wasn't a fan of the gameplan either. Joseph Jones needs to stop getting into early foul trouble. That just ruined his night, and he couldn't really perform as well as he usually does. That's killer. Acie didn't have his usual game either. Hopefully, they'll both bounce back this weekend.

Now, as for the Cookie Monster.

Thanks goes to the posters at Texags: Aggie Basketball Forum for this picture. Apparently, they found the interview with Davis as hilarious as I did. " I love cookies. To me they're amazing! I can't even describe...cookies!" I swear that was hilarious. If I find it on You Tube, I'll put it up.

One last note, it was real classy to hear LSU fans chant "Aggies Suck" and have it be clearly audible on tv. I would complain about the "overrated" chant they started, but it was actually kinda nice to hear that about Aggie Basketball.

Anyways, I hope we get another chance to play these chumps. I really think we can take them.

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